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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by ToroLandscaper, Jun 24, 2005.

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    I have never done a pond....with that said i know nothing about them.....ok my question is i see all off you using a liner is there a adavantage over just using a plastic pond were all you do is did a hole and lay the plastic thing in seem like using the plastic "bowl " or what ever the proper name would be easier seems to me just by the look of it. LIKE I SAID I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM SO THIS MAYBE A DUMB QUESTION!!!
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    if you are talking about those preformed plastic ponds, ...... I dont like them much you are limited on you shape and depth. If you just want a little water and nothing special they would work. Also with these you need to make sure you are level and support each level of the pond underneath or it will "sag". With a liner you are able to be more creative with size and shape.
  3. cclllc

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    The pond looks more natural with a liner and if done right you'll never see the liner.here is my pond at home.

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    Building a pond correctly is much easier if you seek out the proper training on how to install. without proper training it could turn into a nightmare for you. If you are a irrigation installer there are many suppliers now specilaizing in ponds. I would not use a preform. Liner is much better. Use 45 mil EPDM liner, it holds up much better. Use underlayment designed for ponds.
    Not landscape fabric!!! You can email me to get referals for training this winter. I may have someone close to you.
    Thanks steve

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