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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by calvinslawnservices, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a customer that would like me to fix her pond. I am thinking its a total redo. According to her it leaks after it gets to full and the pump doesn't work. Just trying to get an idea of what I'm getting into if I take on this job.

    photo 1.JPG

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    Would have to agree with your assessment. This pond? needs to be demoed and redesigned. I would upgrade ALL of the components. Give her a completely new installation that she can be proud of.
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    Well to be honest if you dont know what r u getting into dont't do this job, there a post around here about a guy that try to tackle a similar project many years ago and even up to this date the home owner never got the water feature.
    Start with a pondless at yout house or friends house to begin with and then move on as you gain confidence, meanwhile sub out the work to someone with experience, doing a pond to look nice takes, time, talent and knowledge, please don't experiment on customers yards the first time unless you are completly sure you have all of the above.
    If you really want to do it then read and research a lot, my suggestion is to take all apart and start from scractch if it leaks you mitht espend the whole day trying to find the cause without knowing what to look for.

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