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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by dweav44, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Tree pollen will definitely cause problems, especially nut tress including conifers, if there is not adequate prefiltration. This is probably what created the original mess. I would guess that the bog was extremely loaded with organic mulm. It was doubling as a settling tank, which I hope, BTW, that you have included in your filtration plan.
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    First pic: the underlayment
    Second pic: just watching her fill up and working out the folds
    Third pic: starting the rock work around the upper pond

    No worries for the connections. I did them all myself just to make sure. What was spooky was cutting the large holes in the liner for the bottom drains. If you take your time and think before acting then really its no big deal.
    Filtration - each 4" bottom drain is gravity fed(not closed) about 150' to a Nexus filtration system and is then pumped back to the pond at about 3,500gal/hr. The weir falls will be fed by some skimmers in the lower pond. pics to come

    the Nexus units have a settlement chamber which work great.

    carlisle pond 040.jpg

    carlisle pond 045.jpg

    carlisle pond 050.jpg
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    Are you using the Nexus 210 or 310. I assume that they will be run parallel to accommodate the expected 3500 gph flow. What brand pump: Sequence, Performance Pro or some other? I am puzzled about the need for the concrete weir.
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    Nexus 310 - each nexus can handle just under 3,500gal/hr

    Performance Pro A1/4 40: This is a bit more pump than necessary so we have the valve on the pond side closed just a bit. I basically set it so that the water in the Nexus stabilizes.

    Concrete weir will allow for water to flow over to the lower pond. Easier to just show pics. They are coming.
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    Now for the lower pond.

    At an average of 2' the lower pond was way too shallow for what we were trying to accomplish. After removing the existing liner we discovered 4" of concrete. Woohoo! I used a 90lb jack hammer for the first time and what a doozie it was.

    Then came the fun part. Getting the concrete out and going deeper! Our goal was 6' deep for the lower pond.

    carlisle pond 055.jpg

    carlisle pond 064.jpg

    carlisle pond 069.jpg
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    After digging out the lower pond and shaping the walls and ledges we set the forms for the collar that goes around the pond.

    We then focussed on the plumbing.

    4 4" bottom drains

    7 2" returns

    You can see in the last picture that the pipes exit the pond and travel around to the filter pit that is away from view.

    carlisle pond 079.jpg

    carlisle pond 092.jpg

    carlisle pond 097.jpg

    carlisle pond 103.jpg

    carlisle pond 109.jpg
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    Subscribe. A water feature will be on next years completed list.
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    how are you guaranteeing that the tunnels won't collapse down the road. The whole project is very interesting......
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    Are you refering to the tunnels dug out for the pipes to exit the ponds? Those have been filled in with dirt. I hope that answers your question.
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    Here is how we installed the 5 skimmers for the lower pond. We chose 5 skimmers because of the many dead spots we had and we also use 3 of the skimmers to feed the upper to lower water fall.

    the pictures below are of two different skimmers

    carlisle pond 102.jpg

    carlisle pond 107.jpg

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