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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by dweav44, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. dweav44

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    This is where we got the liner from. I would use it again for sure.
  2. dweav44

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    and it is an EPDM liner
  3. dweav44

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    Completed pond. Also some of the koi that were introduced to the ponds.


    total gal: about 32,000gal

    Weir falls: about 12,000gal/hr
    Jap. falls: about 11,000gal/hr

    3 Nexus 310 fed by 3 4" bottom drains(another 3 4" bottom drains plumbed and ready for Nexus when needed)
    5 Savio skimmers(each with 2 UV bulbs)

    started out with 60 koi pre-spawn
    after spawn: about 120 new koi(a new home will be found for these)





  4. jonesy5149

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    looks great... what is the man hrs in this and the price tag??
  5. tadpole

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    Impressive! Really impressive! I'm sure that you are proud of this one, Daniel. And justifiably so. Some very interesting design concepts.

    Now to start the barrage of questions.

    How many total pumps are involved in this system? Are they all external or do the skimmers utilize submersibles?

    Do you feel that Three (3) Nexus 310 filters are adequate? Each 310 has a max. gallon recommendation of 9,000. This gives you 27,000 gallons effective filtration which is 5,000 gallons less than the total stated capacity of 32,000. It is good that you plumed for a 4th Nexus, you may want to add it. Filtration is the 'make or break' area in pond construction. To me, it's like Air Conditioning, you should have available more than you need. Extremely more efficient.

    Are Koi in both upper and lower Ponds? Upper Pond would be ideal for adding plants. Phyto filtration can 'polish' the water and give it that Sparkle on top of the denitrification that it provides.

    When was the project completed?
  6. wurkn with amish

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    That project is absolutely gorgeous! The weir is a fatastic idea with the waterfall added to it also.
  7. dweav44

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    Thank you for all you comments!

    5 submersible skimmer pumps
    3 external pumps(1 for each nexus)
    1 external pump which supplies the Jap. falls

    I am actually plumbed for 6 total nexus units.

    I don't think 3 Nexus units are adequate for what size fish these are going to become. For right now it seems to be working fine and this is largely due to the size of pond system. The smaller the pond the more you need to focuss on the filtration and turnover rate. I wanted and advised the customer to install 6 nexus units, but I think they thought that was overkill. They even talked to Evolution Aqua and they said that 6 was the way to go. Right now we are turning over the water every 3 hrs. Not too bad. The water test always come back great.

    Yes. One thought it was greener on the other side so he managed to slide across the weir to the lower pond.

    Yeah, what do you think would be best. It would have to be a floating plant. Lettuce, Hyacinth...?

    Winter 2007
    Koi arrived Spring 2008
  8. tadpole

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    That is not entirely accurate. The level of filtration required for ANY size Pond is directly dictated by the fish stocking levels (density) of that Pond. The turnover rate is subsequently dictated by the amount of filtration.

    Have all parameters been tested including DO, Hardness, Alkalinity, Phosphate and Conductivity.

    Those would be good. Other options would include a variety of Snowflake (Nymphoides) and maybe Parrot's Feather. Submerged plants such as Myriophyllum or Anacharis are fantastic filtering plants. For this type of Pond, you would want the Koi and the plants segregated.
  9. dweav44

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    Yes, no salinity tests.

    Just when there is a problem with the fish, which there haven't been any.

    The pond is also heated to 65 degrees during winter so the stress isn't there like it could be going through the seasons.
  10. tadpole

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    Are you telling me that this Pond has an external heater??!!!!!

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