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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by SpudsM15, Sep 13, 2004.

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    Well I'm doing a properety renovation at this house( ripe out the jungle in the back and bring a bunch on new soil plant some new grass.
    This customer asked me today if i can fix the pond, Its pretty much just a deep hole in the ground. I think its about 40" in the center and about 20" step all around the inside of the crater...

    THis guys problem is the sides of the crater keep falling into the pond and messing up the liner.
    What do u guys do to prevent this from happenning??
    I was thinking some cement around the top layer to hold the dirt in place...
    If u can get back to me asap it'd be great
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    Not to worry. That's actually a common problem. You could combat that problem by either building a cinder block collar, or by pouring a concrete collar around the edge of the pond. If the pond is on the small side (which it sounds like it is), I'd recommend the concrete collar method. Just be sure to use rebar to reinforce the concrete and that will take care of your problem. If you look at my post "how to build a koi pond step by step," you'll see how I built a cinder block collar for my pond.

    Sorry I took so long to post.

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