pondless waterfall questions for new guy

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by willywebb@charter.net, Jan 6, 2005.

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    I'm thinking of installing a pondless waterfall, I am thinking of using a 55 gallon plastic barrel for my under gravel catch basin (cutting a hole in the lid for pump acess, and drilling lots of holes in the side) my question is-- "will it work?" , will the pump be noisy?, what size pump do I need for a 6 foot rise? Also, do I need the falls filter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :help:
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    How far is it from the pump to the top of the falls? How wide is the stream or falls outlet? The falls filter will help with filtering the water.
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    i built a couple of pondless waterfall the last few years and the pump is in a housing connected to the catch basin [that is made of pond liner directly under the falls.] the pump doesn't sound loud at all.the smaller the catch basin the more often water will need to be added [evaporation].i used a drip line fitting connected to the sprinkler system.
    the pump for a six foot rise would be determined by the amount of water you want to flow over the falls.
    one pondless falls i built my long time customer wanted three separate falls on top of each other. so i carved two huge lava rocks into bowls for the water to fall into.
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