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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by BLC1, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. BLC1

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    I'm looking forward to messing around back there this weekend. Do you guys order pumps and supplies online? Now that we have an idea of what we may do there, do you guys have any dos and donts for me.
  2. pitrack

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    I actually get my pumps off of halfoffponds.com good prices and nice people easy to deal with.

    Liner, boxes, rock etc. I just buy locally.

    A quick tip I usually use 2 or more boxes and just leave maybe 6 inches between the boxes directly under the rock so you have room for the hose to go underneath the rock if that makes sense. Basically you line the hole in your boulder up with the gap between the blocks under the rock. Also if you are using blocks (Matrix blocks, aqua blocks etc. which I would highly suggest) make sure the bottom of your basin is level and smooth or darn near close. Makes using the blocks much much easier and they are much more stable if they are nice and level.

    One thing is to use plenty of the felt (It's called underlayment) mostly on your contact points on the liner, just so you don't puncture the liner. You may wan't to put it under the liner (That's what it's intended for) as well depending on the condition of the dirt.

    Another thing to keep in mind, you're better off if your basin is too big compared to too small.

    I'm sure other guys will chime in as well. Good luck!
  3. BLC1

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    Thanks again! Do you guys take any pictures during construction?

    I'll check out halfoffponds.com now
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  5. tadpole

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    Certainly not distributor prices. Even a little high for an on-line retailer.
  6. pitrack

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    Beats anywhere local for me, can't really find anywhere cheaper online either.

    Plus great customer service.
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    Pondliner.com is a another good site and prices are good especialy on spa hosing n filter media foam etc. cant be beat.. they buy such large quantities so they can give better prices just make sure u tell them ur a contractor so u can get those prices.
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