Poodles really suck!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jan 25, 2002.


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    This customer of mine got a toy size poodle last year. I don't care for poodles in the first place and this poodle confirmed my dislike. Get through mowing and go knock on door. This obnoxious mutt comes charging at me when the lady opens the door. The mutt then proceeds to bite me about 2 inches from my family jewels on my leg. Didn't break the skin but left a good bruise. Lady responds "I don't think Lucky likes you" No kidding.Told her I couldn't be responsible if "Lucky" gets hurt while I'm working on her account and the dog is outside. Next week, I finished mowing the back yard and there's no sign of Lucky. Come back to weedeat the backyard and SAS here comes Lucky charging at me. Good thing my weedeater was on. Luckys nose wasn't that lucky that day thanks to my weedeater. I always have a fresh supply of dog treats on hand to bribe all the dogs I come in contact with. Works well except I believe it would be useless with Lucky. The battle lines have been drawn. Anyboby else have problems with unfriendly K-9's???

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    we've got a customer with a rottie, but he is friendly-too friendly. wont leave us alone-jumping up, licking, wants to play.

    easy solution though-as soon as we turn any equipment on he takes off. pretty funny to see a 160 pound dog afraid of a blower!!
  3. How many of you guys out there would really work on a lawn with a loose dog? I see it as a danger to me and the dog. Do you want that kind of distraction while you're running power equipment? With all that flying debis to get hit by, or a curious dog getting his nose in the trimmer, or getting scarred and running into the street, or away, etc. If I hurt an animal I'd feel terrible regardless of liking him. Safety includes yourself, the customer and bystanders, pets included. My agreement states-no loose pets while I am working. I'm not picking on anyone, but I see it as a tragedy waiting to happen.
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    Given my feelings on Poodles, I say that "Lucky" wouldn't be too lucky if he ever ventured into the yard while I was mowing. That 52" mulching deck on my new Husky ZTR would definately mulch his furry little ass into the turf.
  5. It sounds like Lucky doesn't want any treats, but want those family jewels for a treat.

    We do very few with the dogs out.

    Keep treats on hand at all times.

    The customers all know if they get hurt, I/we are not responsable.

    Most bring em in for us to mow.
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    I think the worst part of one of my accounts is a Lab retriever because he is not afraid of ANY of our equipment. He also likes to place his ball right in front of the path of the mower trying to stop us so we will play with him so we have to be EXTREMELY careful.
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    hey L&G! I am suprised that you former statesmen put up with a squirell dog like that!

    I'da thought youd have just poped his neck around a tree and skint hin out when you got home.

    at least that's what we heard you'all did over there!

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    Most customers dogs run away once the equipment gets fired up. so i dont worr too much about them. However, We always make kids go inside when we show up. about 7 years ago, an 8 year old girl was killed in cleveland from a stick that flew out of a mower chute.

    I dont considerer it our resposibility since the customers are told not to let anyone play our piddle around the yard while we are there. But I still feel its better safe than sorry.
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    Right ...customers may "know you are not responsible" UNTIL you need to remove the left nostril with your trimmer:). I had one dog that went after me for moving one of its dog toys away from my mower. I was always a nervous wreck wondering about that lawn.
    I still have one that is a crapshoot: Is Lobo locked up or not? we jiggle gates and make noise but that dog will wait till we get into the back to come attacking. Actually I think he is a big chicken (but so am I...)
    I just really don't want to find out what happens when I have to hurt or kill a customers dog!
  10. An apartment complex where I mow has a Rotweiller who thinks I'm not allowed near the patio. I show a little respect even though she's on a chain.
    This same complex has a little shitzu that runs loose. He's not afraid of anything, and he won't get out of the way of even the big mowers.
    One day the rotweiller must have been in heat, because that little shitzu was trying to breed her. He wasn't having much luck though. I went and told the owners anyway. The owner of the shitzu wasn't too concerned. So I told her, if he does succeed, the pups are going to be "Rot'n-Shitz".
    She laughed, and went to tell the rotweiller's owners.


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