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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Team-Green L&L, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Team-Green L&L

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    In Kentucky there is a code that requires a "bonding grid" to be placed 3' around a pool that is constructed of grid-shape tied rebar to keep from occupants being electrocuted if they are using electrical appliances and get wet.

    Is anyone familiar with this code and how it relates to our efforts in bull-nosing pavers to the pool edge? Keep in mind that the grid is sitting at 3.5" under grade and doesn't allow for any further excavation. Right now I'm thinking they called us a day too late and they must go with concrete because of the need to excavate.

    I'm going to pass on this one, but would like to be better prepared if this comes up again.

  2. 600rrpilot

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    I dont think theres anything you could do in this instance except pour concrete. My personal opinion.
  3. cgland

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    It's a liner pool, so you can't compact within 3' of the edge anyway. Have them pour their conrete skirt and overlay the bullnose and pavers.
    BTW, all that looks like is the wire mesh they put under concrete. Usually there is a grounding rod in the ground somewhere around the pool. I think you are being BS'd

  4. etwman

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    We did two pools this year which required this copper wire to be installed. They were both shotcrete pools. We brought the base up to 5" below grade around the pool, laid the wire down and tied it into studs that were sticking out under the coping. Once this was done we added more stone and compacted. This is what met code in both townships where we did installs. Here is an attached image.

    The wire does not need to go under the coping, it just needs to tie into the pool frame in about 6 places around the perimeter

  5. McKeeLand

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    We had the same situation as Jarod. The grid was already installed when we got there and we just laid it into the pool area while we excavated. once we where close to finish grade with our stone we laid in back down on the base. i have pic in an earlier thead. http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=197819
  6. cgland

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    I can see the purpose of the copper wire, but they have the mesh tied into the pool where the coping will be, which tells me it is nothing more than reinforcement for the concrete.

  7. Team-Green L&L

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    According to the pool guys it is called "bonding grid" and is tied into a grounding unit at the foot of the pool. They had to cut each piece of rebar for the grid, so I'd assume it is truly code. They said that Ohio does not have this code, but KY does and that's where we were.

    No one could give a straight answer for the purpose other than the electricity and water scenario. I don't know, but it cost me a job. I have to go to my annual $250 paperwork seminar (ICPI) this year, maybe I should ask?

    ETW, that looks alot like what we have to deal with, but the copper seems much more manageable than tied rebar. I wonder if I'm going to find this rebar setup at all the KY pool installs?

    By the way...truce to my fellow hardscaper, CG Land. I'm a fan of your work.
  8. cgland

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    Thanks! Truce...............................for now! LOL!

  9. ChampionLS

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    Something sounds fishy. If the NEC required this grounding setup, why would they allow steel rebar, which could rust away over time? I could see if they spec'd out copper rods or a copper gridwork. How does this grid stop anyone from being electrocuted? If it was really effective in saving lives, it would be a nationwide code, not just state by state. Maybe it's a lightning arrestor?
  10. paponte

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    Funny this post just popped up, I was just going to post on it. We just got involved with a job which I'm regretting already, a redo on an existing pool. It's a liner pool which we have never worked with before, and we ripped up all the existing concrete to find a rebar "grid" which I could tell wasn't for any reinforcement for the walls as originally thought by my foreman. I got there and saw it just laid out in a grid and seemed to be anchored in the ground every couple of feet and hooked into the walls under the coping rusted and banged up as anything, but still there, yet there is still a copper grounding wire around the whole pool as well.

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