Pool Deck Renovation

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Sep 5, 2009.

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    We have removed a # of concrete decks from pool surroundings to driveway entrances. I have always used a skidsteer with forks and a mini x with thumb. I cut the lines first with a quick cut to score it and its removed with minimal time and mess. If the concrete is over 6" then I agree a jackhammer may be better suited.
    Side note, we all have our preferred methods which usually means whatever we own we try to use first. If we are renting a machine its the logical choice to use a jackhammer att. on a mini x.
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    With no rebar in it you could of pulled it up with just a excavator bucket.
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    How does the thickness of concrete effect the difficulty of grading?? I dont get it.
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    LOL - I'm sittin here at my dining room table reading the replies. I come across this one and can't help but to chuckle out loud!

    As I chuckle, I think to myself - "I'm glad the know it all message board nerd is such super dooper looper expert about our job!" :hammerhead:

    Maybe if a slab is out in the open with no structures around - you could maybe pull it up with an excavator bucket! I mean, in Rusk's world I take it the lonely housewives come outside in the nude to serve him lunch?? :weightlifter:

    Reality is when you have other OBJECTS that you have to be carefull with, you can't come in like a bunch of unrulely cowboys and just start ripping stuff up from the ground! LOL

    Physically you could do whatever comes to mind. Although they just installed a new turn about on Rt 15 south in MD, they broke up the asphalt with a breaker....not a bucket :) On I-270, they been removing concrete from the center of the interstate.....with breakers on 2 huge excavators......not buckets :)

    Come back down to earth and the reality is that if you're a competent professional - you use the correct tools for the job, and you don't inflict damages to your client's 2 million dollar property.........

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    Damn that round about! I about drove into the thing when we went to pick up that car. I hadn't been up since it was put in and we're cruising up the road with some buddies in the truck and suddenly "hello". I think lights are on it now but it was dark then. All I saw was mountain of Purple Cone Flower in front of me all of a sudden.

    Come on down 15 past Leesburg, they just put (4) of them in front of where I'm at. Traffic is a mess as they still are finishing #4.

    -End rant
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    When breaking up concrete around the skimmers, you must be careful not to damage the pedistal that holds the skimmers. The pedistal is usually poured with the pool's walls. We offer a speciality service pertaining to swimming pools, therefore we were already knowledgeable of such.


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    how come your laborers aren't in shorts?
  8. wurkn with amish

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    The new yellow Banana hammocks haven't come in yet.!!!!
    What are you using for coping?
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    I told 'em to harry up and get pants on because I was takin a picture and didn't wanna be reported to O.S.H.A.
  10. DVS Hardscaper

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    You'll be excited to know that coping install photos have been shot. Will be processed and uploaded maybe this weekend, maybe this coming week, or the week after, who knows. Stay Tuned.


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