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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by TXNSLighting, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Lumiere spot have anti siphon devices...you know what it is...lol...they didnt run insulation on the wires thorough the stem of the fixture...so inside the stem you had un- protected wires that could end up touching and shorting your system...was crazy!

    Their reasoning was that the water couldnt get siphoned through the wires...lol...their ingrounds have some kind of valve to deplete moisture...none of those thing work I dont think...

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    I am bringing back an old put interesting thread.

    I know a luxury pool guy. He has a project where there are two permanent planters right up next to the pool. He really wants to light the flora in the planters. I know low voltage lighting is out in this case. Fiber optics is an option - I am not impressed with the light output and cost. If we are in the construction phase is there any way we can incorporate 120v lighting in the planters similar to the concept of a light that is inside the pool?
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    I am not sure Ned, that will be a question for the local code authority. You may be surprised at the light you could get out of Fiber Optic!! Dont rule that option out entirely just yet!
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    I am not ruling out fiber optics. It may work in this application. The problem I have with fiber optics is the qualty/lumins of light for the cost.

    I had a Illumin FX unit in my hot little hands to try out and show to a client - client wasn't impressed. My personal opinion is that the quality of light didn't live up to the hype. I basically have a bad attitude toward fiber optic lighting now. I have to keep an open mind. I know some people on this forum have had success with Illumin FX.

    The Illumin FX unit will probably work for this application and is probably the way to go.

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