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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by jabbo, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Homeowner about to get inground pool. Have already been reading about the 5ft. rule... So if I have 6ft. on the sides and 8ft. on the ends I should be ok right???? So what are some good options for lighting around the pool. Nothing fancy just some good looking lights. Pics would be nice also. Thanks!!
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    Pretty hard to suggest anything to you with such limited information.

    How about calling your local Outdoor Lighting Professional and subbing the lighting component to them. Pros working with Pros is always best for all. You wouldnt recommend a lighting guy to be installing a pool now would you?
  3. jabbo

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    Lighting guys around here are few and far between!!! I am an electronics tech. and did electrical for years. Have no problem with the install just looking for some good choices in lights around a pool.
  4. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Ok, none the less... a good lighting design requires more info than you are providing. Some photos, a drawing, and more details as to the style, decor, and expectations of the client might inspire someone here to help you design a good system.
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    Yea, see where your coming from. Pool guy has not started yet and don't have any drawings. We have not decided on landscaping yet either so I guess we need to just wait until we are done with the pool to see what we need... Thanks!
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    The code says no lights from 0' to 5' and from 5' to 10' they need to be GFI protected, but the transformer on a GFI does not count as a GFI protected fixture. So this eliminates low voltage from the equation. You will need to use Fiber Optic lighting or 120V mininum. Please see the attached PDF.

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  7. RLI Electric

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    wbaptist, Outstanding diagram. Printing it out now so it can go in my code book. Thank you. Sometimes people need pictures as proof, this is a perfect diagram.
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    GFCI would not be a problem at all. I already have to add an outside 200 amp disconnect coming from meterbase. Then I have to supply the pool panel with a 60 amp circuit so I am gone go ahead run a 120v line with it.
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    Since there are no drawings and you have little information I would prepare by having several chase ways installed from the power source to the gardens around the pool. Put in plenty so that you leave yourself lots of options and size them accordingly. 2" and up. Remember that you can not mix your line voltage with low voltage in the same conduit or raceway.
    When the pool is complete and garden beds are in then your set to go with whatever.

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    See nec 680.22 and the above thread. Page 2 of the thread has a diagram. This discusses lighting around a pool in more detail.

    No way to recomend fixtures without knowing the subjects to be lit. There are several huge lighting companies in Ga

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