Pool Man Don't Know Where To Park!


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Central Florida
Are pool guys trained to park in the road so they will clog traffic? It seems like they park across the street so close to me that cars have to squeeze between us. And while im at it,has the mail man ever complained about having to get out of his van and actually have to walk a few steps? Here in south Fla the new homes are so close together, somebody is getting blocked.


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South East
You taking you life in your hands if you block a mailbox around here. Haven't you ever heard the term "Going postal"?
I have no idea what you can do about the pool guy. if you bigger than him. You can always go tell him to move or you will beat his azz. But then you will go to jail and probably lose your biz


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South West PA
Had my own mailbox blocked one Sat. while working around the house, and the mailman got out of his Jeepseer, and procedded to put a note in the box saying that he could not leave the mail because the box was blocked. HE has done this sevral times. I think I'll put a snake in there, with the flag up.


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bobby--I just passed through your area while on vacation. kinfok located near WPB. we had great weather in the am but storms every afternoon. no problemo for us. time for a coctail or two and an afternoon nap! knowwhutImeanvern!



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had the problem a few times also regarding the postman. I parked across the street from a customer and was in the way of the mailman parking his car so he didnt have to get out and leave the mail. Well he left a few notes and even the lady who lived there told me to park where i work at. Anyway these lazy mailmen are paid to get out of the postal car and leave the mail...so what i do now is park patially in my customers driveway.

Eric ELM

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We don't block the mail boxes. The mail lady by where we do the most work leaves a big plate of home made cookies in our truck every fall with a note that says "Thanks for not blocking the mail boxes". If we are close to the truck, she gets out and brings them to us and personally thanks us too. :)


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I was told that the mailman/mailwoman would not get out of the vehicle for safety reasons. But they"ll get out to put a note on your mailbox or drop something off at the front door? -only in a government run agency!