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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by GreenMonster, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. GreenMonster

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    I have to quote a pool decking with pavers. I'm not sure what special consideration there might be. I do know that the pool was installed in December. I don't know how the pool was backfilled, or how pools are typically backfilled, and if the area should be treated like building next to a new foundation, i.e. settling

    Also, I've never done any bullnose or pool coping work. Anybody have production numbers for that type of work, and are there special installation techniques for pool coping?

    Anything else, aside from the obvious: HP poly sand, pitch away from pool, etc.
  2. Henry

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    We had a similar situation last year except that I knew the pool was back-filled with dirt. What we did was pour a 4" slab around the entire pool with piers dug down to the concrete that the pool walls are anchored in. This was only in the overdig area and set low enough so we could still install a 4" base of 3/4-.
  3. cgland

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    Mark - By your comments, I'm assuming the pool does not have a coping at this point. Is it a concrete pool or liner pool? They probably backfilled with clean stone around the overdig and then graded with topsoil. If this is the case, you will have to remove the soil and build up with modified. Once your coping is set, you can run off of it.

    P.S. Be careful about your compaction close to the pool. You could crack the plaster or cave the framing in.

  4. BSDeality

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    What kind of pool is it? I did a pool patio around my fiberglass inground, I compacted in 6" lifts but it wasn't enough, I'm going to have to rip some of it up this year and re-level the base. I will also be adding a poured concrete coping around the pool. The lip on the pool is beveled and the pavers don't sit right up against them.
  5. GreenMonster

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    from NH
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    I don't know if it's concrete or liner. I'll have to find out.

    I talked to the pool guy today. he wasn't much help when I asked how they backfilled. he said "What you see is what you get". So I said, I can't really see how you backfilled 8' below the surface, so maybe you can clue me in:hammerhead:

    There's no topsoil at the top. It's crushed gravel.

    What do I need to know about coping? Anything special?
  6. Drafto

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    It might be best to sub the coping out to a mason, or even better the pool guy surely uses someone to install the coping, maybe you could contact him. You are in luck I sat through a seminar at MAHTS regarding pavers around pools. 2 words - Flowable fill. Use this in the overdig are to avoid compacting around the walls. I have never used the stuff but it is $50/yard and supposedly if used in the right conditions is more profitable than modifed and compaction. How is the access to the site? Could a concrete truck get near the pool?


  7. YardPro

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    here are some things you may not have thought about. (we do a lot of pool decks).

    you will need to set the ladder and step handrail mounts in concrete. e use sonatubes to set the mount. we set these low enough that we can pave over them.

    also the skimmers can be a real source of problems. the throat is very weak and cannot support the weight of the pavers, tamping, and traffic. We have had several break. we pour a concrete ring around the skimmer lids as well.

    you have to make sure that all the metal handrails, etc are bonded to a common gorund.

    make sure to pressure test everything after you lay your base to make sure no plumbing has come loose from the tamp.
  8. pondfishr

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    The last post is right on the grounding. I would contact your local codes department and see if you are required to have an electrical inspection. The bonding of all metal around the pool is VERY IMPORTANT. The safety of the homeowner is at risk without out proper ground bonding. You also must keep in mind that you want slope away from the pool so rain water flows away from the pool. I installed my pool last year digging, assembly, electrical, and plumbing but I did sub out the finish slab concrete work. I wanted to make sure that it was right. If the pool is a vinyl liner and has been backfilled the concrete collar should already have been poured. This is done before you put any backfill around the pool. It sounds like that he backfilled with gravel, if so that is a good thing but you will still want to run a compactor over the area to make sure that everything is settled. Be careful to have all of your ladders, reinforcing wire, lights, and pool walls if they are metal bonded with a #4 bare ground wire. The codes department should be able to help with the specs. The concrete pours right up under the coping and slopes away from that point but check with the manufacturer to be sure. There should be good information on the web concerning the procedure.

    Be careful to check the grade with a transit. It is important to make sure that all the skimmer covers are at the correct height. Cover all exposed ladder brackets and pipes with duct tape including inside of the skimmers where the drain pipe connects in the bottom. Pressure test the plumbing before pouring any concrete in case there is a problem you want to know about it before you pour concrete. The only way to fix it later is with a Jack-Hammer. If you are not an experienced concrete finisher I might pass on this one. I would also be curious to see why the original installer is not doing the work. If the pool already has problems I would be careful to get involved. Just my advice you know your limits.
  9. GreenMonster

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    I talked to customer today. He has a 3.50/ft2 price for poured concrete, so he really doesn't even care what the paver price will be, knowing it's not anywhere close.

    but, hopefully we'll do the front walk and srw around the pool that we've quoted.

    thanks for the help
  10. cgland

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    All that advice for nothin'!


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