Pool Waterfall Feasibility

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by tslandscaping, Jan 10, 2011.

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    I've had two requests for pool-waterfalls in the past month. I live in the Northeast and usually spend a large portion of the winter planning some of the bigger jobs for the upcoming season.

    We've never done pool waterfalls, but I do have pool experience and several connections with competent pool contractors and we have a good amount of experience building water features.

    Does anyone have any experience with waterfalls going into pools? Should I rely on the polymer-concrete walls for support or should I construct a separate concrete footing?
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    I will have to get some pictures or i should say find them, but this summer i did my first one. the home owners love it. It was pre-made and painted to match the rocks around it. I will look this afternoon and get back to you.
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    If each pool is surrounded by concrete decking, that should provide enough support. Very little weight will be supported by the Pool wall. If the pool(s) do not have concrete decking, you will need to pour a slab for footing.
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