Poolside Pavers ???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Pelican, Jun 2, 2002.

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    I've been out on a number of estimates where the customer wants pavers right up to the pool's edge, something I've been reluctant to do. Although my supplier's brochure shows photos of this job, they don't recommend it, the procedure is very difficult, involving mortar and screening. I question how you can compact the backfill without re-excavating the pool. Wouldn't the pool have to be at least partially drained to attempt this?

    The pools in my area are built with galvanized tin walls and have a 6" wide galvanized shelf that the bricks would have to be glued to. I'm in a frost zone, I'm concerned that heaving would occur in winter and possibly pop the bricks from the shelf.

    One of the reputable pool dealers in my area will not gaurentee a pool installation unless there is a minimum of 2' of concrete surrounding the pool's edge. I've done a number of patios where I've butted up to the concrete with good results.

    Anyone done pavers to the pool's edge?
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    If it is a vinyl liner pool, then there is a minimum amount of concrete required for pool decking. I placed pavers on top of the concrete, after having the concrete poured so that I would not have to deal with two different bases. Tho pool coping was cantilever, so that it could easily be covered by pavers, vs. normal coping, which would have increased the distance between the completed pool deck and the waterline by too much (and maybe looked funny). The soldier courses are epoxied in place.

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