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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lech615, Oct 31, 2001.

  1. Lech615

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    Hey guys, I was talking to s friend and he was telling about lawn guys who offer Dog poop removal along with their mowing. Does anyone do this, or know anyone who does. What do you think?:blob3:
  2. Evan528

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    Is this for real? I have too much respect for myself to add "dog sh** removal" to the list of my services!
  3. 1MajorTom

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    Yes this is for real. Not something that I would want to do, but believe me it is done.

    There is a book out there you can check out if you are seriously considering this. You can learn about it here... http://www.pooper-scooper.com/ To find out what the book covers, click on the table of contents. Seems to be pretty thorough on what it covers, although I have not purchased this book to be sure.
  4. casey

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    Did you have the urge to join their discussion just for laughs?
  5. mowerman90

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    I wonder if L. Stone will join the forum?
  6. gogetter

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    Howard Stern fans may remember a guy that he had on his show that started a pooper scooping business.
    The guy was a former military man, and so he incorporated this into his business image. He wore a military like uniform of some sort and called himself General or something like that.

    This was his full time gig and he even hired employees. And if I remember correctly, he started a franchise.

    So I guess there's money in poop!
  7. BRL

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    I was mowing one day & a guy stopped by to give me his biz card. I was a little curious & had to get some details. He had 2 guys working for him. Between the 3 of them they had around 250 clients they serviced. I believe he said it was around $15.00 - $20.00\week and he collected the crap & he made a deal to have his garbage collector take it all away. Not much overhead so it sounded like a decent racket. He knew of another guy with 10 or so employees doing around a million in sales per year, with just a few Ranger pick ups and the dumpster fees and salaries for overhead. That guy was on the Howard Stern show one time & happened to hear that show & thought it was a joke, until I met this guy. That's not for me though.
  8. 65hoss

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    Every so often this 'crappy' subject comes up.

    Maybe I could become a millionaire keeping it off peoples shoes.
  9. Runner

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    Like it or not, it becomes part of the job. If there is mess in the yard you can do one of two things. You can take care of it, or you can just ride your mower through it and carry it around with you, breathing it for the next three days. There was a post on this awhile back, and you'd be surprised at the amount of people who choose to take the latter of the two. I clean it up, and I charge dearly for it. Do I PICK it up? Oh....NO! You want to get rid of it fast and easy? Here's what you do. And you guys don't breathe a WORD of this to anybody! On the jobs known to be riddled with these minefields, you grab your spade shovel off your trailer first thing. You go to the area, and where there is a pile, you jab the spade down into the ground next to the pile, and you open up the slit as wide as you need. You push (with the end of the shovel:rolleyes: ) the stuff into the hole, then step on each side to close it up. There! All gone! No mess, no waste to take care of. No, you can't charge extra for the fert though. Make sure you slide your shovel into the ground a few times on the way back to the truck. This cleans it off.
  10. Got Grass?

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    Intresting this topic came up, arround here people are lazy. A customer for plowing and trimming, now wants me to service thier lawn next year. She has 4 large dogs that leave thier droppings all over the lawn. I told her I would not be able to service her property with all the dog doo. She then informed me she had a service that came every tuesday to pick up the dung and gave me the guys card.
    On the card it reads "The Dog Butler, Pet waste removal, weekly yard cleanup for dog owners, $8 one cleaning per week (one dog) $12 two cleanings per week (one dog), discounts for seniors and assiastance-dog owners"
    Kinda made me think, It's actually a good service to provide, People are lazy and you can make decent money dooing it, but who wants to? Also assistance dogs cant clean up for themselves and if the person lives by themselves thay odviously cant doo it...
    There are 2-3 people that only provide this service arround here, and I bet thay are making a decent living dooing it. Heck it only could take 5mins for an easy $8 more then I make on avg. Line up the block and there ya go. Personally I dont wanna deal with that kinda crap from any of my customers, but I'll be sure to give the card to potential customers. hmmm.... Wonder if these guys would be willing to sub contract out....

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