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poopy scoopy,,, yuck!

Ol'time Lawncare

LawnSite Senior Member
did a leaf clean up the other day, and had poopy all over my tarp and rakes and im sick of it, what is everybody doing when you do clean-ups and should i charge more bucks for the free poopy clean-ups too?should the home owner clean it up before i get there?:eek:


LawnSite Member
madison, WI
Go ahead and charge extra. Most of my clients who have dogs are rather embarrassed if there are any "remains." If there is that much that you need to clean all your stuff, charge, they will understand and maybe clean it up. One or two little piles just deal with it.


LawnSite Bronze Member
They're not gonna clean up the dog bombs for the lawn guy, ya gotta spot it when you are there giving the price in the first place. Figure it into the total price, and tell them ,or not, that a part of the price is for fecal removal.