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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by whtrash73, Oct 25, 2006.

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    To White trash and CaptKen
    Sorry if I offended you guys, I really don't think a site like this could help an man in need, Plus the name White trash, well doesn't sound like he thinks a whole lot about himself, I would try another call name. If a person needs help that bad there are local people who could help more, Also the Unemployment agency has means to find people work, White trash, what did you do before you went into this business?maybe you could go and see if they need extra help? I was not trying to talk down to anyone, again my sincere apologies.
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    here you go
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    Also that $7.00 dollars for a six pack could by you 50-70 packages of Ramen. Depending on where you shop. Lay off the sauce for a few months and you'll make it.
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    After last season, while trying to figure out how to make money when there isn't money coming in for my lawn service, my wife hit me up to put vanyl gutters up on our house. So off to Lowes I go. I got the stuff and put 75 linear feet up in roughly 2 1/2 hours. A passer by spotted me, stops and ask how much to put gutters up for him. I got his address and said I would stop by later to give him an estimate. I sat down with my reciept from Lowes and figured out every 25 feet of gutter cost me roughly $110-$125. So armed with this info I bid the job at $225 every 25 feet. After making a net $400.00 for 4 hours work I have been putting up gutters when I am not mowing ever since. It's been worth it to me, maybe it will help you out to.

    Good luck. Most of us have kids to feed to.:dizzy:
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    i hate to hear someone in bad shape like that as captken says hang in there and offer other services .just when things look there worst all of a sudden things turn around.just get yourself out there mate .good luck
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    Great story. And you don't have the huge investment in tooling like the seamless guys.
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    About all the tools you need, and most any handy man already owns are; a ladder, drill (a good cordless is very handy), small level, measureing tape, hack saw, heavy cutting scissors, and as for hardware get good galvanized screws, and use quality clear cilicone RTV for the joints. I average at least 2-3 gutter jobs a week. It easy, quick, and the money is great. I hate to say it because I really do love to mow, but if I could like up 2-3 gutter jobs a day, I might quit cutting grass. Please don't tell my crews though.
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    I have worked the pre-load for 2 years at UPS and it is cake work, Benefits are the best of it all though. I go and take care of my accounts after I get off from there. Its great.
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    No real need for snow removal in northwest Alabama. I know what he's talking about though. I have several friends in the Shoals area that tell me everyday the economy over there just SUCKS. Good luck to ya! Almost have to drive to Decatur or Huntsville to find work.

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