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    I live in Southeastern NC and have centipede grass. My front yard is sodded and my back yard is seeded.

    I seeded it last year using an overseeding machine and its actually taken off well for just a single season of growth (taken off well meaning I have good coverage).

    This season, as green-up has began, my back/seeded area has looked exceptionally poor. It seems that 30% of the grass that had grown last season has not come back and what has come back hasn't greened-up to match that of my sod. It has a yellowy-tint, which I understand is common for centipede, but again my sod (also centipede) is much much greener.

    I have had soil samples taken and I'm low in phorphorus and potashe (the soil is pretty poor quality to begin with...its "new ground" which, as I understand, is a cleaned out pine forest which robs nutrients from soil). I'm about 5 miles from the ocean so, I'd imagine, its sandy too.

    I fertilized last spring and again in the summer with 8-8-16 tobacco fertilizer (as recommended by my ag ext. service). I fertilized this spring (mid-April) with the same fertilizer and have had decent rains since. I put it out at a rate of 6 lbs per 1000 sq ft (again, per the ag ext. service).

    The green has improved since the fertilization but, overall, it still simply looks poor. I've been recommended to hit it with calcium nitrate (I'm afraid of that much nitrogen on centepde), Iron/Ironite, or possibly hitting it with more 8-8-16.

    Any suggestions? To note, my sod is much better than the seeded area but still nowhere like it was last year...just seems poor across the board.

    Thanks so much!

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