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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ajmctree, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. ajmctree

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    I got my pesticide license last year as a safe and legal way of applying fertilizer for our residential customers. This year we have had a oppurtunity to spray herbicdes on large concrete companies grounds. They basically wanted all the greenery gone from where there opperation is and where they store there concrete product.
    The majority of it is all spot spraying with a few small areas where there is a continued ground cover. I used a solo 4 gallon diaphram back pack sprayer .
    I tried and feel i did follow the manufacures directions on the Roundup Quickpro container but i'm seeing less than satisfying results .I mixed it as recommended and applied it as recommended.
    Also posted quite some time ago a post trying to gather info on this.
    The owner of the buisness stated he was somewhat disapointed with the results .You can obviously see where there has browning of the plants and grass, but do you ever notice the new growth coming up .
    Has anyone else had problems with less than expected results with this .
    Like i said i read the the instructions as i do every time i use a chemical of any nature, But i don't see where i've gone wrong .
    As per pounds per acre i don't feel it would apply to this , i did make it at 1.5 oz per gallon and on one tank i made it at 2oz per gallon to see if there was any difference. There was none all that noticable.

  2. PetalsandPines

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    I have had the exact same problems recently. Handled grasses no problem, but larger weeds showed some browning but re-emergence of growth. I too, am very dissapointed with the results. Not to mention it takes forever to get die back. Just bought the larger "granular" gallon size container. Mixed at 1.5 ++. Same way. Poor results, especially at the price I paid!!! :realmad:
  3. Killswitch

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    Use a combination of Scythe, some weed control, and a little glyphosate(roundup) or not, but use the scythe and weed control for all weed and grass control especially on the commercial sites.

    Roundup stinks anymore in my opinion and Ive seen the same results you speak of, and others have too.
  4. ajmctree

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    Killswitch ,
    when you say use weed control what are you meaning (2,4D) ? I've heard of using scyth before but where do you get it .I've looked in my area for bigger and better products but there is absolutly nobody to get it from .I would have to drive about 600 km to get to a city where i might find any product worth using. Like the QuikPro ,i bought that off ebay .
  5. GreenUtah

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    there are dozens, if not hundreds of places to buy scythe online, but it won't make a damned bit of difference if you do not know what and when to apply and what kind of results to expect.
    #1 Roundup is NOT a sterilant. More junk will come up after you spray, period.
    #2 you are not going to be knocking out 6 foot tall weeds with R-up either, it says so right on the label.
    #3 Scythe can be mixed with R-up to speed things along, the very same reason they added diquat to Quickpro, so adding scythe to quickpro would be redundant and not aid in any bigger plant kills, only speed. 2,4-D can also be added along with a whole host of other herbicides, preemergents, adjuvants and even fertilizer to bump up effectiveness and/or the range of kill. ALL on the label.

    If you want a sterilant, buy a sterilant. There is a whole slew of them on the market, but gylphosate is not one of them.
  6. all ferris

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    What time of day did you spray? Were the weed actively growing? What is the temp up there?

    spraying in the morning will yield better results and if it is really dry and the weeds aren't growing very much it will take longer. If it is cool then you may have to up the rate.
  7. Jason Rose

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    I think he hit it on the head there... Seems if I read your post correct you said it killed what was there but new growth was appearing, meaning that new seeds were germinating. Hell those suckers grow like... WEEDS! Round-up is a very temporary solution for bare ground weed control, the only other thing that's more temporary is a mower or weedeater. Find some soil sterilant, and don't be chincy about applying it, use the highest rate and do it early early spring before anything is coming up. If there is already green plants present when you spray the sterilant you will most likely need to add round-up to the mix as well.
  8. bushtrimmer

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    I agree with this 100%
    mixing what I have left @ 1.5-2x recommended rate to get to work.
    Have round up pro and scythe ready to use when I use up the crap
  9. ajmctree

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    I would have to say that i sprayed mostly in the early afternoons on the days that were warm and dry .The temps up here do not regularly get much above the 70's and we do get our fair share of rain to say the least.
    I did 7 applications throughout the summer (mid july through mid August).It is a big piece of property and i fitted it in between other jobs .
    There are some areas when i finished that were sprayed 2 and 3 times because i didn't use all the product for a given area so i would respray the greenery in high vis areas and you would not even be able to tell.
    As for sterilents i havent used them before but i have sent away for product literature such as Sahara from BASF.
    This seems to be an area within a lawn care company where it takes awhile to get comfortable with the use and applications of better than homeowners quality herbicides .
  10. heritage

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    Stick with go ole' roundup pro (41 % Glyphosate) if you want the treated grassy and broadleaf weeds to die. Using products like scythe with your roundup, and the added diquot in quick pro give faster results than plain roundup, BUT the weeds often return from the treated plant because the scythe,diquot burned down the plant before the glyphosate gets a chance to translocate to the root system for a complete kill. The chemical companies do not mind as you will use more of there product every year. Here is two senarios....... Company A uses roundup with, Finale,Scythe or Diquot with there roundup and tells their clients they can expect fast results and weed free beds using their monthly weed control program. Company B uses roundup with no added quick kill herbicides and askes the client to be patient with this product as it works better and by spraying on a monthly basis, getting weeds before they mature to seed, will in a short period have beds looking clean and sprays may only need to be done bi- monthly to keep them clean.

    My approach has always been what company b used. I know companies that use company A's approach because the want to make $$$ for 7 monthly weed control visits,(in New Jersey) and because many of the treated weeds return only to be re-burned down by another treatment of roundup/finale or roundup/scythe or roundup/diquot (quick pro) they will have plenty of weeds to respray next month. So the choice is yours. Post your results monthly if you choose to compare.

    Pete D.

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