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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by cdmcg, Sep 3, 2005.

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    can any one help me with an idea I have. I don't do any irrg. but I do a lot of seeding I have a development that I do a few lawns every month. The whole hose and generic sprinkler system is killing me( I set up hoses and sprinklers and water until home owners move in) I can only run 2 hoses at a time and there are 4 foot sections along both sides that I must hand water:dizzy:, the lawns are small 1500 -2500 sqft. Is there any way I can set up a PVC system that I can move to new lawn when needed or boost pressure after faucet to run afew heads at a time. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks CJMC
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    You are very gutsy doing seeding without automatic irrigation of any type. If someone wants to pay me 35 -40 dollars an hour for moving a spike sprinkler I will get a lawn chair and watch paint dry all day. Mwake the client responsible for it....get paid and dont look back
  3. cdmcg

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    As long as you charge for your work the personal care goes a long way "I greatly appreciate your personal care" has already turned into thousands of dollars in design and landscape work So think outside the box and take a chance especially in a competitive business. soooooo just looking for Ideas not critiques. I guess if I would have had something or someone to b.... about I would have a blazer here sorry to waste your time.
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    I think I read on Lawnsite somewhere a guy that does alot of renovations. I think he said he had a bunch of hoses and timers, then laid it out over the property and synced the timers to keep the newly seeded lawn watered. Something like this may work for you.
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    Try this link. I discussed a setup I have used and sold on numerous occasions. For the narrow 4' strip, you can switch to micro sprays, or I've used the nozzles toro came out with several years ago that put down a real low precip rate. The draw back to them is a very short throw. Micro sprays would be a better choice.
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    I agree that a more civil response would have been in order. Some just have a smart-ass attitude about everything.

    You could use several hose bibb battery operated timers on hose-wyes. Then string out a couple of hoses with spike mounted rotor heads. For the small areas, you can make a setup using spray nozzles on the spikes. Charge a "rental fee" for the watering in system.

  7. Critical Care

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    I wouldn't think that you would have trouble maintaining 1500 s.f. with a hose bib timer and a couple runs of garden hose. At 2500 s.f. I'd probably begin to look closely at my line losses through the hoses, losses through the timer, size of nozzles, psi, and how much water I have coming out of the bib to play with. With larger properties where you know you can't handle it all with one zone, you could stick a brass "Y" on the bib and then go to two bib timers for handling two zones... maybe a front lawn and a back lawn situation. Call it a poor mans irrigation system.
  8. cdmcg

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    I leave Irrigation alone, best left to the pros so not to be a pain but what is a bib. my thinking was running a hose to a possible 1 or 1.5 inch pvc then attach a series of heads nothing to complex, simple timer and heads so that put up and removal are easy (poor mans irragation to say the least
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    You could do that, but I think it would be a major hassle. I would buy the spike heads that have an inlet and an outlet for connecting the hoses in series. Then as mentioned, buy a couple hose battery timers for runs going in different directions. If your stuck on using pvc, I do something similiar for my garden. I use threaded male and female conectors to link sections of pipe together. Where I want a head I put in a fitting to thread one on with a riser. I connect the whole thing to a hose. But for your needs I would personally rather have hose to wrap up than fool with all the fittings and stuff needed for watering with pVC.
  10. Critical Care

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    Of course regular garden hoses would probably be easier carting around than lengths of PVC, and PVC not being very flexible would limit you on placement and coverage. There are a lot of options... You could carry a few lengths of pvc for main lines, and then come off of those to your sprinklers by using lengths of garden hose. Regardless of how you do it, remember that the threads on pvc adapters (NPT) are not hose threaded.

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