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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Bryn, Apr 3, 2004.

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    I rejuvenate lawns, and find that poor success is often due to lack of watering. I was playing with the idea of a portable irrigation system that I could place at a clients home, removing the problem of the client remembering to water.

    I would use the water supply from the outside tap, connected to a manifold with 4 or 6 valves. Each valve would be its own zone. From each valve I would then supply a length of hose to a head, which would be fixed to a stake, or I could use regular impact sprinklers. An in-expensive controller would be the brains. I'm hoping to house all this in a water tight 16G rubber-maid plastic box.

    At present this is a thought project, and was looking for any suggestions you may have before I start to put this together.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Bryn

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    Something else I forgot to ask about. What cheap controller could I use that would allow me to water numerous times/day?

    I also found a cheap 4 zone Box Pre-Assembled Valve Box Manifolds for $99.95, using DV-100 valves from Rainbird. Good or Bad?

    If I use garden hose from the valves to the heads/impact sprinklers, is there a certain length of hose I should stay below? Would it be worth buying 3/4 hose, even if the water tap supply was smaller?

    Has anyone done this before, and have plans they would share?

    Thanks again

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    Theres a guy in Tex that allready came up with the idea. He sells everything you need at a fair price pm and I'll send his address

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