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I have 1 and bid another. Shopping center I do the porter 3 days a week to include: 5 trash cans, big issue is picking up all the litter on the property, cob webs along walk ways and blow off the walk ways. Takes 1 man about 1 to 1.25 hrs depending. We make $77 per service. Would love to have more but most porter servicing needs to happen after hours. For me, this is first am. Cant be in too many places at once or start doing some overnight stuff.

Richard Carey

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Well to expand and take on more accounts you would have to be willing & able to accommodate the facilities desired service hours, maybe have different guys work staggered shifts, charge a premium for overnight hours, that way you can pay the guys more for the non-traditional hours if your day rate is say $35.00 p/hr/p/man, your evening rate might be $45.00 p/hr/p/man, that way you could pay the night guys $20.00 and the day guys $15.00. Also check with your insurance if you are providing non traditional hours services, and inform them of the safety protocols you plan to use.

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