posable 117 acer acount

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhardin53, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. dhardin53

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    It has not been finalized yet but I have a chance to bid this 117 acre account with 35 buildings and around 2 miles of roads. approximately 65 to 70 acre of grass, little to no weed wipe (roundup).

    and NO I am NOT asking what would you charge!

    My question is I am solo and have been quite the advocate to stay solo. But this account would push me into employees. I could work this in my weekly schedule If I had 1 or 2 employees. And of course the big question is equipment. I would most likely using what I have and buy a *74" ztr.
    To add to my equipment list.

    1.) Compact tractor with 60" deck, with 2 wing mower both 60", total cuts is 14 feet using 60hp (10 acre per hour).

    2.) 60" Dixie Chopper (4 acre per hour)

    3.) *Purchasing a 74" Dixie Chopper Excalibur (5 acre per hour)

    Should I make the plunge?
  2. GrassGuerilla

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    Sounds like a big change in the way you do business. Are you ready? We're you just messing with us on the title?
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  3. StockmanLawnscape

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    There are a lot of variables to consider. How long would the contract be for? You would be taking a risk buying a new 74" mower for one account. What happens if they drop you for a lowballer after this year? Would you still have enough work for the 74" mower to be financially feasible for your business if you lost this account? Sometimes buying equipment for a big account works out, but always think about the situation if it doesn't. Also, do you have employees lined up? Can they be trained quick enough so they wouldn't mess up the property? Lots and lots of questions that only you can answer. Just my opinion. Good Luck!
  4. meets1

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    Go for it. How long the contract for? So it's basically a 65-70 acres of grass to mow?
  5. Chris_NC06

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    So you're going to pose with 117 Acer computers?
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  6. DLCS

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    LMAO, Guess I wasn't the only one that noticed it.
  7. GrassGuerilla

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    I've been trying desperately not to go there....
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  8. Chris_NC06

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    I couldn't help myself.
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  9. goel

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    What's your backup plan if your compact tractor goes down? That 50 percent of your mowing capacity even if you purchase the new machine?
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  10. Joel D

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    If you do get the contract and decide to purchase a new mower you should look at the Hustler 104. It says it can mow 80 something acres in 8 hours. I was looking at one today when I was at the dealer picking some stuff up. It is ridiculous.

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