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    just wondering what is the recomended period of time to stay off of the lawn after aeration? How long before its ok to mow after aeration?

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    We usually turn on the sprinkler systems after aeration/fert so you don't want to cut in "rain". I've never heard anyone say that there is a specific time period. I know I've cut a lawn after it was just aerated before.
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    We will usually mow if necessary on the day of aeration and with good dry weather the plugs will dry out in a few days so the next week we will bust the plugs mowing. Customers that want the service and are educated in the benefits will understand leaving the plug on the lawn is a good idea.

    As for time to stay off the lawn there is no set time, for example most golf course greens are back in play in one day or less as this is all superintendents are allowed to do the service and golfers are chomping at the bit to hit a little white ball at a flag out in the “yard”
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    Hey Mike,

    Would it not be better to cut the property prior to aeration??? Kind of depletes the purpose to aerate and then squash the cores so they will not have the chance to breakdown into a topdressing.

    Just my .02

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