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Out of sheer stupidity in the early days of using my ride on I've stopped my PT with the spreader still in "open" and had just a little granular fert fall in front of it. Thought no biggie just a little more than normal went down. Only to find a few days later burns that look similar but obviously not as big.

I've had TruGreen do that on a lawn I mow. :p


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I've picked up more than a few lawns from TG just due to burns. Ive walked the customer over and shown them all the granular fert in the burn areas. Easy sell when someone else does it. On the one I screwed up I replaced the sod, just a few pieces was all that was needed.


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I noticed this burn on a local school yard. It was adjacent to a cement sidewalk--with a paved parking lot to the right.
Not sure--it may have been done by a large local company.
Looks like an abrupt stop at the end of a swath. Probably a ride-on spreader coming towards the camera. I was standing on the sidewalk.
Fertilizer granules were easily visible.


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