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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CaspuuuR, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. CaspuuuR

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    I run local Lawn Care, Landscaping, & Window Cleaning company. Summer and Spring and Fall has been pretty decent but within my first year of full time business. I am approaching off season like we all are. I am located in Texas and its still really hot and still taking on a full schedule of weekly and biweekly customers, and still growing. Yet i assume part of November and most of December and January will be really cold and most customers wont water their grass and it wont grow as much, although ive thought of ways to prevent that by telling customers to water regardless. I am curious on other tasks and jobs i can take on to avoid a dead off season as i cannot afford it. I've thought of taking on Christmas lights installation, Poop scooping, leave raking, and basic handyman services that i am skilled upon slightly. Any suggestions on what you do during winter/off season?
  2. oqueoque

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    Fedex , UPS, Anazon needs people up to Christmas.
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  3. ZLCLawnCare

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    I refereed basketball last winter, just on Saturdays, made about 12 bucks an hour......going to try it again this winter should make more though
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  4. ZLCLawnCare

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    I plan on offering junk haul/removal services with my truck and dump trailer in the winter. Figure its just sitting there, would be best for it to be earning its keep!
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  5. Charles

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    This is what I struggle with every year too, You have to take care of the leaf customers you do have. Leaf season here can last until the 10th of January. But the leaf business doesn't fill up my days. Then there are the bad weather days with no work to do. Rainy/snowy/sleety/extreme cold time of year. So that leaves the bad days and 1/2 of January/ all of February with no lawn work to do. I am not one to work nights or 3rd shift. Not many are going to hire you for a month and 1/2 of work or just the bad weather days. An all year job looks pretty good this time of year to me. Would be hard to do the leaves with a Holiday season job. I am not a day time TV watcher either or a Video game player.. Maybe one plowable snow a year..... Just hate it:cry:
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  6. Todd73

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    It has been a long, hot, and at times brutal, summer. I cannot wait for the off season. Of course, down here, that means switching to EOW because the grass never stops. In the off weeks I usually will have a hedge trimming or palm pruning job. A lot of people also request mulch before the holidays. And those weeks that I don't have anything going on, I work on my never ending Honey Do List from the wife.
  7. RedSox4Life

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    Sounds like the ground doesn’t freeze down there? Maybe schedule your installs for winter?


    -sell Christmas trees
    -buy crap cheap from China and sell it on amazon
    -Uber driver
  8. FLC2000

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    Save your money, get ahead on your bills, and take some time off.
  9. ArTurf

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    Gigolo, I make more money doing this than lawn care.

    Just Joking.

    Do the trees not drop their leaves in your area and need cleaning up? I do these on a regular basis similar to mowing and stay busy til the end of the year.
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  10. hackitdown

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    I make a little money coaching a high school team. Plowing is good $$ but is only 10 or 12 days per year at most.

    I try to do home improvement projects. I burn a lot of wood to save on the heat bill. Sell my old stuff on Craigslist. I cook dinner more often. Do the tax return.
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