possible PTO problem on JD 400?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rbig, Mar 10, 2005.

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    There I was, mowing merrily along this morning. I heard a thump (lots of pieces of limbs and debris still in the grass from Hurricane Ivan) down by the 400 deck, and the mowing stopped. Normally, that's a sign of a broken belt, or belt that's jumped off one or more pulleys. I wasn't mowing through/over anything that the tractor doesn't normally eat for breakfast.

    However, I think this instance is a little more sinister. I noted that tugging on the long belt on top of the deck rotates all the spindles/blades freely, whether or not the PTO lever is in or out.

    I hate to even look, and I didn't have time because something else came up and I had to drop things and leave, and I'm afraid I'll find something major and expensive. Is there anything that could produce the above symptoms that isn't the end of the world (the end of the world being a damaged gear box, broken PTO spline, or broken U joint???
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    The shock of the debris stopping the blades could have taken the PTO clutch out on it. That's my best guess without actually seeing the machine.
  3. rbig

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    This is one that has two matched belts in front going down to to a PTO shaft that drives another shaft to the mower deck gearbox. One belt is off, the other not visible. So, new belts should fix me up

    The tech manual says remove the grill and lower guard to access the belts. A question I have is whether or not that's all I really need to remove for access. Another question is whether or not I can get new belts on it without releasing one end of the tensioner springs on the clutch/idler.

    Hope someone who's been there, done that can give me the answers

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