Possible to accurately have per shrub prune price?

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  1. Great post! Only thing I charge per whatever is on palms that are routinely cleaned 2x/year. BUT, some palms are harder or take longer to prune, so they cost more. If they are messy, completely different story.
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    per shrub pricing can absolutely work, i agree there is no one price fits all and its more of a range per shrub but, a small shrub that will only take 3 mins to prune, and clean up the clippings can be done for 10 dollars all day long....or even a burning bush that is sphere shaped and 6ft high and been trimmed every year, can be done for 20 dollars and easily trimmed and cleaned up in under 10 mins.
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    You need to go into it with the proper equip. Get 2 hand held pruners, hand pruners, lopers, pruning saw, and pole pruner. I do hourly charge for 1 timers, but for contacts, I estimate all pruning for the season and include it. When one of our trucks stops for maintenance, and there is time taken witin the mowing, the clippers are picked up. Its rare for a day with no pruning. Your loosing a lot of money by not being in charge of it. Customers always wait until things are horrible and harder. We do a HOA with about 60 homes and tons of landscaping--we prune something every service with a year total of around 100 man hours. Pruning like this helps to scout for weeds and problems with the plants. If the account pays nicely, we'll do a lot of extra stuff to make it look good all the time---its good for business.
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    pm if you want to chat via phone.

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