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    I post mainly in the irrigation forum since I am an irrigation monkey but I have a couple of winter projects I want some outside opinions on. In the interest of water conservation I am thinking of eliminating my parkway turf and doing something different there. Whatever I do must require little or no water. I am definitely going to put some type of pad in front of the curb at the sidewalk coming from the house to allow car doors to open without hitting grass. I've always wanted to try buffalo grass and feel this is as good a spot as any since I can keep evasive grasses out. Here are my rules. No shrubs or trees. Anybody specialize in parkway designs that wants to make suggestions? I want to make suggestions to my customers since I think the parkway area is the biggest source of irrigation waste. It is 5' wide.


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    How long are we talking here? Looks to be about 50 or 60'.

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    This project is more for the vegetable growers. One of my customers gives me tomatoes from her garden every year. She says her thing is to cover the soil with black plastic to raise the soil temp in order to get her tomatoes out as early as possible. Well I decided to take her theory a step further and bought these 8" ADS drain pipes that I'm going to cut in half. I'm hoping that her theory on soil temp and the black of both the plastic soil cover and the black ADS will raise the temps faster sooner. Any thoughts on this experiment before I proceed?


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    Let's say 50'.
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    We've used the "wall o water" clear enclosures up here, work well. Maybe someone will chime in, but my feeling (as a nurseryperson for some years),
    is the soil temp is important, AS IS the temp of the stem & leaves. Same deal
    with peppers or other warm season plants. Maybe down there air temp not a
    big deal. IMHO...sure like tomatoes!
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    Here's some ideas I took from online sources, minus the trees since you have a short, narrow area that already has large trees on the other end. Just some ideas though.

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    The half-drainpipes look like a poor relation to two different techniques. I see black plastic groundcover sheets (the California wine country made use of them back when they were replanting vineyards affected by phylloxera) and clear plastic tents for mini-greenhouses in gardens, to stretch the season.
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    I would think it would be hard to get the drain pipe to seal up all the way.
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    Peter, go take a look at the parking lot islands at Watermark Community Church. On the east bound service road of 635, inbetween hillcrest and coit. They are the new brown stained concrete tiltwall building.

    their whole landscape is xeriscape, buffalo grass, desert willows, yucca, weeping love grass maybe? I don't know what exactly the parking lot island grass is, but it would be perfect.

    keep in mind that if you irrigate buffalo grass in dallas, bermuda will take over quickly. must not irrigate buffalo grass (or as little as possible to just keep it green).

    you could always do liriope patterns with rainbow river rock or bullrock. decomposed granite, asian jasmine (gag). just some ideas.

    Do i need to bring you over some plant books:)?


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    Nice suggestions. Thanks guys. I think I'll take the camera over to that church and get some photos John. Definitely understand on B grass no aqua. Think I can sell my St. Aug?:rolleyes:

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