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  1. Wayne Landscaping

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    I have a Scag tiger cub 48" right now, its great for residential lawns. But i wanna get into commercial. My dream set up is a Ford F-350 Powerstroke diesel w/ 2 Sabre Tooth Tigers both 61", is it possible to do pure commercial w/ 2 61?'s. Your thoughts are appreciated. And dont tell me to do a search, i already tried.
  2. rodfather

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    A WB will always be needed regardless IMO...

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    imo you will always need a wb for some area on a property . i personal wont get a rider unitl i now i have enough big jobs to keep it running at all times jmo
  4. scagwildcat

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    the perfact lawn is far and few, you need a wb.. you still can do comm. ;awns
    it will just take alittle longer. i would wait till you have alot of lawns that you could use a bigger mower on .
  5. cborden

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    It would depend on what type of commercial properties you get. About 85% of my business is commercial and I run (1) 36"WB (3) 48"WB (1) 61"WB and (2) 61" Turf Tigers. My clients have apartments, restaurants, grocery stores, factories, warehouses and a print shop. I run all SCAG, I liked the Turf Tiger better than the Saber Tooth..but that's just my opinion. In my opinion and experience, if you limit yourself to one size and one style of machine, you limit the type of clients you can serve, and in doing so limit your business growth potential. :blob2:

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