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  1. Wayne Landscaping

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    Is it possible to run a lawn care company 300miles away in college. My dillema is that i want to go to a community college while building up the business for 2 years and then go to U of I, 300 miles away, and manage it there while getting my degree in Soil Science or something like that. Id vist every week and call customers, is it possible for workers to take me seriousley with 100+ customers while im 300 miles away?
  2. Wreak

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    Sure it's possible as long as you can trust the workers.

    Do they need to know that you are 300 miles away? Do you have somebody you can trust to make sure things are being done the way you want and can visit job sites for checkups or if customers complain? Each week you can get a list of customers you need to visit and loose ends you need to work out when you visit.
  3. Wayne Landscaping

    Wayne Landscaping LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, I thought of a higher person to check on them, but they would probley have to be older than me, do u think that would work?
  4. PLM-1

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    I do it. I go 200 miles away. I mow in my college town 3 days a week and go home and mow on the weekend! Best decision I've made. I make money while at college and make money on the weekends and visit parents on the weekends. Driving sucks but that's about it
  5. proenterprises

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    i was actually thinking about the same thing, i will be in college in 2 years as well. im not sure what ill do, i guess it depends on how much work i have them. i would be interested in what other people have to say on this though.
  6. gogetter

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    That's not quite the same as what he was asking.

    But anyway, pertaining to the original question, there was an article in one of the trade magazines last year. It was a profile on a young guy that had done exactly what you're proposing. The article said he would fax his mom the route sheet for the day, and she would give it to his full time workers.
    At the time the article was being done, he was already out of college and running a pretty good sized business with several employees. It was an interesting read.
    So it can be done, but I'm sure that working out the logistics is probably easier said then done.
  7. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Hey guys, what about the equipment maintenance aspect of it. Who would sharpen blades, change oil and get the break downs up & running again. Plus is no one is "minding the store" your employees are apt to screw off more and when approched by new potential customers or just people wanting there lawn mowed once "while their there" may tend to pirate the money while using your stuff. It would be cool if it worked out, but can really be a head ache if it doesnt.
  8. impactlandscaping

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    I agree with PJ..it's hard enough to run a successful LCO while you are IN town, let alone 300 miles away. I couldn't even begin to imagine the logistical nightmares trying to do that. You would definitely spend a lot of money on a good foreman , who would basically wear all your hats: meet and greets, problems, equip. maint., sales, etc..What about customer attrition? Who will advertise and sell to new clients to fill roster space?...I don't think I would even think about it, but that's just me.
  9. rookiemower

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    Wayne im having the same dilema. Right now i go to COD (i believe you know what that is right?) and i took some horticulture classes but now im getting ready to transfer to NIU. Luckly its only (roughly) 45-60 miles away, but i dont know whant will happen when im not here to maintain my accounts. the amount i have nowwould let me do them on the weekends but if i grow any larger ill have to figure something out :dizzy: :cry:

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