Possibly Looking to Lease Large Loader for '10-11, 11-12; Cleveland, OH

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ClevelandPusher, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. ClevelandPusher

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    I am possibly looking to lease a large loader w/ a 14, 16, 18, 20'+ box pusher for the 2010-2011, and 2011-2012 winter. I have the opportunity to land a very large industrial property in the Cleveland, OH area. I need to get 6 month lease rates for a large loader to plug into my business model to make sure my plan will work. If you, or someone you know, has a loader that is not currently being used and can be left onsite, please email me at ClevelandPusher@gmail.com so we can talk and possibly hammer out a deal. I may also be interested in hiring someone with the loader to be the operator for the duration of the season. I am willing to work closely with someone to negotiate a win-win for both parties. We can talk more through email.
  2. White Gardens

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    If it were me, I would find someone with a loader, pay them a retainer per month then whatever they want per hour. Have them buy the box or buy it yourself.

    Leasing a machine can get pretty pricey. The only way I would lease it is if I was charging per month/season, instead of per push.
  3. ClevelandPusher

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    That is one option I am considering...Monthly retainer / hourly rate. It is a seasonal contract with monthly payments.
  4. PTSolutions

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    you may want to contact Madden Bros. they have the contract for Parmatown Mall (just took it over from Davey) and i know they use several Cat 980's along with 20' pushers on site. and several skid steers with degelman speedblades and other misc. equipment.

    other than that, contractors up in the snowbelt off I271 may have larger equipment b/c of the larger quantitites of snow they receive. its pretty rare to see pushers here larger than 16'

    if you want there are several rental yards real close by:
    Sunbelt Rentals off brookpark rd
    United Rentals off brookpark -also rents protech pushers
    Hertz Rentals off I480 has good long term rates
    and theres Ohio Cat dealer off rt. 82 by I77
  5. curtisfarmer

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    A Cat 980 is pretty big and big $ for snow removal. My buddy has 6 980s and some 972s, gravel only, no snow removal. A 980 bucket is lhuge byitself...like 12'-13 for a sand bucket. Go for a 950-966, more effecient for a 20' box pusher.:weightlifter:

    Also, contact some local gravel pits, most are dormant and their machines are doing nothing. Some around here let their machines out for lease or provide by the hour with operator. Same with landscape supply yards who have loaders sitting there, if they are still there that means they have no contract and would probably welcome your oportunity.

    I went to visit 1 of his "extra" pits today to see if they had a quick 20,000 yards piled up to bring to a fed job. Amazing in the world of big gravel who much material you need just to stay alive:cry: This is 1 small job on short notice, 2 980s going in by monday, during major snowstorm, to prep road for laodout. And this is on top of their regular major Boston market concrete sand business which is year round, which is unusuall for New England gravel pits. Sorry to sidetrack, just wanted to share todays visit:waving:
  6. PTSolutions

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    my bad curtis, they are 950g's not 980's sorry.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    A 950 size machine would be about the biggest you would want to go and able to road it down the road.
  8. ksss

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    There really is no point in going beyond a 3-4 yard machine. You can push the largest snow pushers with ease, they will be cheaper to rent and cheaper to run.

    Around here CASE and CAT will allow guys to rent and graders at a substantially reduced rate. The piece sits on the lot to be pushed and the contractor uses it as needed. The reality is that piece will just be sitting at the dealers lot waiting or Spring anyway. The Dealer will take much reduced rate to at least make something off the machine over Winter and pushing snow is really not hard on the machine anyway (aside from the cold starts). Plus the piece gets some exposure sitting out in the public. You might check the major rental stores and equipment dealers. You might be surprised what kind of deal you can cut. That works here anyway.
  9. PTSolutions

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    hey cleveland pusher, what lot are you bidding on?
  10. stuvecorp

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    On the cold start thing, what is you opinion if the machine is plugged in? I agree on size, for most lots I wouldn't go bigger than a 3 yard maybe 4 yard if the lot is wide open.

    I'm surprised but the dealers here are not very enthusiastic to do winter rent programs, doesn't make sense to me watching it sit all winter as they have to be paying interest on them?

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