Post a pic of your trailer!!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tbone3, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. joel29m

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    this is some of my stuff, what i use all the time. lawn stuff.jpg

    hustler fastrack superduty.jpg

    more stuff.jpg

    lawn stuff.jpg

    hustler fastrack superduty.jpg

    more stuff.jpg
  2. Landscape Poet

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    Negative...but thanks for playing. The original axle was replaced with a heavier 5k one just after the second mower was added. Have a good day :hammerhead:
  3. mjlcare2

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    Nope sorry, you can try to be smart but that axle in that picture is a 3500# axle from ALL PRO trailers. You can easily tell by the fact that is has 5 lug hubs.

    Here is the breakdown
    5 lugs- 3500 lbs
    6 lugs- 5000 lbs
    8 lugs- 6500 + lbs

    You can easily verify this info by going to ALL PRO Trailers website or ask anyone who knows anything about trailers.. Ive got trailers from All pro and its the same case with all of them as well.. If by chance you bought the trailer used and they told you it was an "upgraded/ heavy duty axle" you got ripped off. If you still want to go with its a 5k lb axle why is is sagging so much with only 3500 lbs or so on it? your tires are almost touching the fenders.. And your tires aren't rated for a 5000 lbs load. you have a set of 205-75-15 load range C tires on there whereas a 5klbs requires a 225-75-15 atleast Load range D tire.. If you wanted to show us the receipt for that "upgrade" you did I will deff take back this post but until then. you have yourself a great day as well..

    P.S I have been wondering why cant you be found on the internet, like a company website or something from sunbiz. You're a hard person to find..
  4. Kleen Kutz

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    Hey man, where did you get the backpack blower racks and the gas can rack from?
  5. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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  6. joel29m

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    5600.00 at gautreauxs lawn n garden in gonzales.
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  7. justanotherlawnguy

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    He may be talking about the springs, I upgraded the springs on my enclosed last year.
    Tandem 16 footer with 3500 lb axles, upgraded to 4or 5000 lb springs. Really saved on tire wear with the upgraded springs.

    Your definaty right though about the 5 lug being a dead ringer for indicating 3500lb axle.

    Looking at the pic, looks like he's in fl, that's how most fl guys roll anyway. Overloaded!!
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  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    Tisk tisk tisk I see quite a few with no straps. Start a thread on this forum asking about straps and you will get chastised for not strapping your mowers down. Yet I see plenty of rigs on here with no mowers strapped down. We never have and I almost never see anybody around here with mowers strapped down either. Anyway.............

    6X12 with 34Z, 36 WB and 160Z

  9. Landscape Poet

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    Please check with K and D trailer in Sanford there genius!!!!
  10. Landscape Poet

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    Maybe - not a equipment guy. K and D told me they needed to upgrade something when I was in there for a repair last year because of the weight issue and I was getting a new axle as a result. I will see if I can find the reciept for MJL but I am not in any rush for it.

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