Post card companies? Gangrun printing?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HK45Mark23, Feb 15, 2006.

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    What does any one know about these companies? What does any one know about the gangrun printing concept? Does any one use either of these companies and if so what results did you experience? Is it better to allow their graphic designers to design the post card? How about their mailing lists verses a list compiled by a local company?

    My local paper has a subsidiary that manufactures direct mail advertisement. They have compiled detailed mailing lists. Their lists have specific information concerning every demographic criterion imaginable. This does enable them to target a specific demographics based on your target market.

    Has any one used this type of a marketing tool to target a specific group and what were your criteria?

    I have some other questions but first letÂ’s just start here.

  2. HK45Mark23

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    OK, out of 35 people some one has to have some information. Does any one have any insight into gangrun printing or direct mail marketing?

  3. HK45Mark23

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    Sorry double post, HK45Mark23
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    Does anyone know of a good company for yard signs. What size do you guys use. I have used 12x18 and 12x12. I actually prefer the 12x12.
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    I purchased a CD ROM from Dickman Directories in OHIO so I can direct mail to certain hoods that want to pay me to work for them

    I have 5000 postcards made at got for 99.00 color one side

    I am also sending out 1500 direct letters

    I have the number for dickman somewhere it was 175.00 for the software

    I enables me to fire out labels too

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