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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LakeSide Lawn and Landscape, Nov 11, 2002.

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    Has any one every used post cards for advertising? you know take a nice pic of a lawn and put it on the front of the card and pass them out?Im thinking on doing this!Thanks
  2. Barry D

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    Sounds like a good idea, but handing out flyers might be more cost efficient. You have to consider the cost of preparing the postcards virus the cost of making flyers. Both will make an impact on advertising. However, the ratio of new customers may be about 10% of total number of flyers/postcard handed out. Good Luck.
  3. nu83

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    More like .7% return. Yes POINT 7% From my experience I have usually gotten anywhere from 4% to .5% with full color flyers attatched to a letter telling them who I am. If you search the site you will find this would be above average.
  4. postcards can work as well as flyer's and letters. be creative with your copy

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