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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Patrick Feehan, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Patrick Feehan

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    We are relatively new in the landscape business. The subs we are using for chemical applications are licensed.
    The situation I have is on one of job sites. The customer signed on late and we missed the opportunity to apply pre-emergent chemicals. Now I have this area that they are trying to grow ground cover flowers on that is full of dandylions. I would appreciate any suggestions on attacking this problem. I have discussed it with my chemical man, who does not seem to have the answers. I want to kill the weeds not the flowers.
  2. Rtom45

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    I don't think you'll find anything that will kill dandelions and not groundcover.
  3. marko

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    Selective round up applications are the only thing I know of. This would entail spraying just the dandylions or using a sponge applicator. If its a big area you will have your work cut out for you. There is always hand pulling.
  4. ArizPestWeed

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    Spray it all and start over
  5. Festuca

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    I would agree with Weedhead. Plateau can be used on wild flowers and will knock out certain weeds and grasses. What kind of flower are they?
  6. lordohturf

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    Lontrel can be used over evergreen plants as a selective postemergence.

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