Post emergent Poa Annua Control

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rreznikoff, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. rreznikoff

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    In talking with a golf course superintendent he has had excellent results with a product called Revolver which selectively kills Poa Annua without affecting a Bermuda lawn. The product is expensive and the minimum quantity is one quart which will dilute to cover an area much larger than I need.

    Is there a comparable product that can be bought in smaller quantities or for less money?
  2. Turfdoctor1

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    for commercial application or for your own lawn?
  3. rreznikoff

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    For my own lawn.
  4. pesticide

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    poa will burn off once it gets hot, once temps are consistently in the 80's its all but gone. fall pre'm will keep it from showing up next year.
  5. ThreeWide

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    The short answer is no. There are a few other products that compare to Revolver in controlling Poa, but they are also very expensive.

    The only cheap "retail" type of product I know of that has selective ability on Poa is Image. Being in Montgomery, I would suggest mowing the Bermuda low and let mother nature kill the Poa. Once it warms up, it won't last very long.
  6. rreznikoff

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    Image comes in two varieties: One of crabgrass and one for sedge. The one for crabgrass killed the Poa, but it also killed the Bermuda next to it. Image for sedge didn't have any effect on the poa.

    I guess I'll just have to wait for hot weather and then use a pre-emergent!
  7. txgrassguy

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    Your problem with Poa Annua is that once it produces at least three tillers it has already seeded.
    A beneficial process for your Bermudagrass is to spray a growth regulator when the Poa is first emerging. The growth regulator then inhibits the production of the seed heads.
    Further control is possible with collecting clippings in interfere with any new seed heads from entering the soil profile.
    Two good points to remember about Poa control. First it will produce seeds at as low as 5/32" height of cut. Second, timing is absolutely critical in controlling Poa with growth regulators.
    Remember, if you use Revolver on Perennial Rye grass or Perennial Bluegrass - Poa Trivilis overseeded turf sites, the Revolver will kill these species of turfgrass as well.
  8. bug-guy

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    msma ithink will do it also try using dimension 2ew as a pre-emerg

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