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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnguru wannabe, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. lawnguru wannabe

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    I have a big broadleaf problem in my yard. I bought some Gordon's LV 400 2-4d to take care of the broadleafs and alfalfa in my yard. Is this sufficient?

    Also, I just got done mowing the yard, and was about to spray with my 20 gallon pull behind, but after doing some reading a lot of people are saying I should wait a few days after mowing then spray, so that the weeds have more coverage to take in the chemicals?

  2. greensolutions1

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    careful with 24d in the heat
  3. cgaengineer

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    Do not use that on your lawn at this time...if I'm not mistaken that's and ester based 24D.
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  4. DLCS

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    Yes, it is Ester based.
  5. superiorlawnsofwestok

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    Don't use a ester based product when temps are going to be above 80 degrees. There are water based products on the market that significantly reduce chance of off target drift but there is still some risk involved. If alfalfa is a problem i seriously doubt amine or esters will be of much use. My suggestion would be a combination of Manor and some type of dicamba based product. be careful around flower beds and the dripline of trees. Good luck...perennials usually require multiple treatments. nd yes...allow 5 days of regrowth, also at least 3 days after before mowing again.
  6. lawnguru wannabe

    lawnguru wannabe LawnSite Member
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    that stuff that i have isn't good for lawn applications then? it was bought in the farm section at fleet farm....i just saw 24-d and thought it would be good?

    ok, so i have a huge jug of it....can i still use it for something? ....and what would you recommend for me to spray to get rid of the dandelions, alfalfa, and broadleaf weeds? i have a TON of broadleaf weeds in my yard now. just all of a sudden showed up....they weren't that bad before. this spring i had a ton of dandelions. if you could give me suggestions of what to get that would be awesome. i'm a newbie!


    ps i didn't spray yet, thankfully.
  7. garydale

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    The ester base is for use in cool/cold weather.

    Fall is the best time to control broadleaf weeds.

    Use the ester about the time of your first frost. It will clean up the broadleaf weeds and get the winter annual as well.

    If you have early weeds like onion/garlic in spring ester will do a good job.
  8. lawnguru wannabe

    lawnguru wannabe LawnSite Member
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    Ok this is what I found when I googled the product I have:

    What's the difference between LV 400 and Amine 400 and which should I use?

    LV 400 is a 2,4-D weed control product that is an ester, or oil-based formula. LV 400 provides great control of weeds in a variety of areas including pastures, some crops and lawns. LV 400 is the preferred product when air temperatures are below 60°, when it's dry, if you're using very hard water or if you're attempting to kill brush or plants with milky sap. Amine 400 is a water-based 2,4-D weed control product that is also used for control of weeds in pastures, some crops, lawns and more. Amine 400 is usually more economical and can be used when temperatures are 60° or above and soil temperatures are 55° or more at the time of application. It's excellent for mixing with other water based products, such as Liquid Lawn & Pasture.
  9. lawnguru wannabe

    lawnguru wannabe LawnSite Member
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    My question after reading everyone's post here, and with the info that I googled, should I just wait till the fall when temps aren't getting above 60 degrees to spray for my broadleafs, dandelions, and alfalfa, with that LV 400? ....or should I get some Amine 400? I've always heard that you kill the dandelions in the fall, but that must be for the rest of the broadleafs and alfalfa too?

    Thanks for all this info....I've learned a lot already just by these few posts here.
  10. RigglePLC

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    The ester can evaporate and the vapors drift downwind. But it is a low volitile ester--so not as bad. A lot depends on what is downwind and how much wind and what temperature. Grapevines are very sensitive--likewise tomatoes and young soybeans. Also, what pressure are you using (low is better) and with the nozzles you have in mind how much of the droplets are fine enough to drift or evaporate? Dandelions are best attacked in the fall after a few fall rains--a good kill means no dandelions in the spring.
    Still...if you are willing to accept the risks of drift--choose a day or night when the wind is low and temps below 80. High humidity is best.
    And find out what broadleaf weeds you have. Do you mean crabgrass? (2,4-d doesn't kill crabgrass). More likely you mean summer annuals--a pro would have sprayed these about a month ago when they were young and tender. Mature and resistant now. And many of the summer weeds are killed by frost. Where you live that's about 4 weeks away--or am I wrong?
    Don't worry about not mowing before hand. You are trying to apply the spray to the stem--not the leaves.
    In any case Wannabe, let us know what happens, OK?

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