Post if you want Enginaire to make a HD filter for Kaw 12.5 and 14

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MacLawnCo, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. MacLawnCo

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    Guys, id like to convince enginaire, to make a Heavy duty air filter for the small (12.5 and 14 hp Kawisaki) engines. They currently dont make one, but mentioned they may work on one. It is my hopes that with enough posts on this thread that we can show this to them to convince them of the need to make a version for these engines. Post up guys.
  2. Those are some VERY popular engines. Everyone in this business knows that. Surely Engineaire would realize that there are many many LCO's who know the benefits of high-capacity air filters, and are willing to fork over the bucks for those benefits.
  3. Richard Martin

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    I think part of the reason Enginaire doesn't want to invest time and money into the Kaw 12.5 and 14 is because they use completely different air cleaner housings on the two engines and the housings themselves are a piece of ****. The Kohler housings are of a single and much more robust design.

    My next engine will be a Kohler because of the better air cleaners and their ability to design an engine that doesn't leak oil.
  4. Ax Man

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    I'd buy one. and my Kohler leaks more than any of the Kawis I have had.
  5. Richard Martin

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    Well I have 3 Kawis here. 2 12.5s and a 14. One of the 12.5s went back to the dealer 4 times when it was new to have a base (sump) gasket leak fixed when it was new. They finally put a ton of gasket sealer on it and it seems to have stopped the leak. The other 12.5 and the 14 are/were leaking from the base gasket under the cylinder. The 14 has had the gasket replaced twice and I gave up on the second 12.5.

    The Kohler on my Dixie has in excess of 550 hours and not a drop of oil leaked. I had a 1990 12.5 Kohler up until 2 years ago and it never leaked a drop.
  6. chariot

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    I'd like one also.
  7. morturf

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    How about one for a 15 and 17 HP Kawi. I would love it for those too!! I have one on my 19HP, works like a charm.
  8. mike9497

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    i would like one for my 17 kaw and my 12.5 kaw
  9. mike9497

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    richard martin

    if your ever in my neck of the woods come down to my shop.i'll show you all my kohler engines i have stacked on a pallet close to 3 dozen some are only 2 years old.the newer ones are nice.but everything i have is B&S, Kawi's, Honda, the 12.5 did have some problems.bad batch of engine blocks.if you watch winston cup racing you see engines blow made by the same team.well they find out what it most cases its they take all there new engines apart and replace all the pistons with a new batch from the factory.its a shame the small engine companies don't take back there engines when they have a problem area with more than one.i will also say that the kaw 12.5 needs some updating.they run to hot and i have blown one much power in such a small package
  10. IBGreen

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    Does anyone have an 18hp Kawasaki?

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