Post M treatment for crabgrass

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dwost, May 8, 2003.

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    I applied Lesco 25-5-11 Pre M w/Dimension at the end of April. I noticed good results as much of the crabgrass I had in spots didn't germinate. I just applied their 21-0-12 WF last week. I have very minimal broadleaf weeds but noticed that I do still have some small areas where the Crabgrass came through. My question is, when can I treat with MSMA or Drive? I'm assuming I need to wait until the weather is consistently in the 70's and 80's? Any help, or ideas on earlier treatments would be helpful. TIA
  2. lesco sells a pre m thats pendamelthin, so what is pre m / dimension?

    What is 21-0-12 wf?

    two applications of fert in 2-3 weeks, I would guess way too much n, but you did say % of active ingredinent or amount applied per/1000

    How soon after ap-plication before turf received water??? ( pre emerge)
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    timturf, Sorry, I made a couple of typo's, what I meant was I applied the 25-5-11 preemergent with Dimension at the end of MARCH. Last week I applied their 21-0-12 weed and feed. There was a 6 week gap between aps. I don't recall off hand what I had the spreader set at, but it was calibrated according to the recommended amounts on the bag. The preemergent received water within a few hours after the application. Hope that helps, let me know if you need additional info.
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    I would recheck my calibration and try to determine if you didn't over lap properly. You broke through rather quickly. I used pre-m and haven't noticed any breakthrough as of the moment but its been very cool up here.
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    I'm sure I covered it well. I went both ways on the yard and paid attention to the areas where I knew I had some issues last year. That seems to be the only area where I still have a problem. I'm thinking if i get a good app of MSMA or Drive, I should knock it out for good this season.
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    Are you sure what you are seeing is crab? If so, it is in the seedling state. Are you positive it's not Quackgrass or KY 31
    which are both perennials?

    If it is crab, you should be able to one of several things. Dimension will give post emergence control up to the 5 leaf stage.

    Drive is great on young and mature crab, but not on middle stages of growth.

    Msma often stunts growth but doesn't offer a thorough kill. It can also damage desirable turf in hot weather.

    Acclaim works well on mid stage crab. Hope this helps.

    "when all else fails read the directions"
  7. dwost,

    until you give us rate per 1000 and % ai, we all are guessing.

    you need to check your records, and give us info.

    If crabgrass, you shouldn't have a problem if properly applied!!

    Too much n, I think!!!!!!!!!!

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