Post pictures of your dump trailer ramp for wheelbarrows!


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Think about a boat winch and steel cable at the front of the truck. Turn the crank--should be good for 1000 lbs of pull. Up the ramp you go as your new guy guides the wheelbarrow.

Or do it the easy way, and get an electric boat winch with a wide flat strap.
Be sure to have a hand held push button control on a long wire to control the winch power.


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Winch is a good idea but probably want two guys unless you have a wireless remote. Few things more frustrating than a tipped over wheelbarrow


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So this is a deckover dump trailer? That's a tall bed you have to get to. Perhaps you can push the ramps together, and then secure some wood to make the ramps smooth so you dont break your ankle if your foot slips thru the rungs as you make your run.

The deckovers are nice if you need to haul some wide equipment but the low profile ones are a lot easier for dirt/mulch.