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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by crazymike, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. crazymike

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    I need to fence some of my own property and I was thinking of renting the equipment myself.

    I'm looking at fencing 3-4 acres of paddocks with 3 board rails and 4"-6"x 8' posts.

    Has anyone operated the equipment before? It doesn't look to complicated IMO.

    Also, anyone offering this service, what do you charge per post? not including rails, etc... just cost per post/pounded into the ground.

    I'm located in Ontario, outside Toronto. I will also need to find a place renting a tractor mount pounder or perhaps one on a bob cat. I found a place in london that rents them for $200+ a day.
  2. crazymike

    crazymike LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 452

    Not one person on here does posts?
  3. kevin85

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    My uncle needed to pound posts around 30 acres or so. He picked up a used machine for $5000, used it, and then sold it for $300 more than he bought it for. He said the machine was one of the best inventions he's ever used. It made short work of a back breaking job.
  4. fencline

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    I would guestimate that I have driven about 140,000 posts since purchasing my first driver in 1980. Definitely not complicated there is a learning curve as with most other skills. Biggest issue is it is a work that is very unforgiving when safety issues are not observed ! Leather gloves.Safety glasses & EAR PROTECTION are a must ! Always drive posts while standing off to the side of driver. cracked or weak posts are rare but if you break a post while driving it you will understand why things are designed for you to be off to the side. Another strict rule i have is to NOT drive posts if you are angry or getting too frustrated. Very important to be directing ALL of your attention to driving. My driver is a Kiwi mounted on the skid-steer. It is the only way to go for all out maneuverability & speed. Our best day ever was 503 posts driven with a three man crew. Worst was in some dry gravely clay north of here. (week+ for a 2 day job!) Had to pilot drill every hole ! Driving posts is the only way to go if you can find the equipment. Some of the older drivers weren't too good, find out what is available and I'll try to tell you what to expect as far as performance. Hope this has helped

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