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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by VisionsLandscapes, Mar 7, 2008.

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    I am kinda new to the business in a way, I have had my own lawn care and small landscaping business for about 2 years now and I simply love it. I would just like to extend my business and get a little bigger year after year. I know the best advertise is word of mouth from your customers but you really cant rely on them anymore to get you business. The competition for lawn care is so stiff these days due to so many different choices in the industry that I think im not making myself standout enough. Yesterday i simply passed out 100 flyers in a gated private community and in 3 days I have gotten 3 calls so far. The day I passed them out was a nice warm sunny day around 60 deg or so, I thought that letter and the weather would kinda work together and make people see that the time to care for your property is here AGAIN.

    On my flyer I simply stated:

    Enjoy a beautiful, maintenance free lawn this summer. Then listed a few of our main services we provide. Then for a catch I put new customer of 2008 will receive a 1/2 price mow first time out. I stated we have Quality services @ affordable prices and a benefit of visions landscaping is that you will alse recieve a number of discount coupons via mail for being one of our customers.

    Is now the appropriate time to be passing out flyers when I know personally next week will be spring cleanups and time for some fertilizations???

    Is there also anything I can add to my advertisement to make it more intriguing and make more people want to call?

    Thanks for all info.
  2. VisionsLandscapes

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    this site use useless noone will help with anything
  3. DuallyVette

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    I don't think that this sit is worthless. Your question wasn't stated simply enough for me want to respond.

    "Post Season Advertisement" Don't you mean PRE Season?

    100 fliers- 3 responses, any sales ?

    Advertising pro's believe discounts = sales. I think that when you offer a discount, that your attracting people that want something for nothing, and you're DEvalueing your service.

    "Maintenance free lawn"- The lawns not maintenance free.

    "Quality services at affordable prices" Afforadable to who ? Everyone that I talk to CAN'T afford our services. You should point out how your service is different instead of how its the same.

    I wouldn't send my customers discount coupons.(except for Burger King coupons). I want to sell my regular customers other services at a fair profit, at a dependable, professional , you don't have to worry about it, price.

    You would probably rather that I didn't respond, but you need to know who your target customer is and aim for them.
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    yes 3 replies and 3 sales so far.

    and discount coupons are great in my opinion as people spending over $2,500 per year on their law ndeserve it. Its a great way to have a customer relation and respect them by offerring them selective services and regular servies for less than normal prices.

    And yes the lawn is maintenance free if the customer isnt doing anytihng...
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    You got a 3% return. That is greater than anything you will get in the future, here you got 1 response in 24 hrs, again a great return. If you think this site is useless, so be it, I wouldn't post under my own question a comment like that or you'll get no help.

    Duallyvette is right on with the cheap skates you'll attract by giving free or discounted pricing. I've been in business 4+ years and the ffirst advertising i didi was discount on something. At this point I have weeded out all the cheap peolep who bought my first service, then wanted everything on the cheap. I fired my last customer this winter who had shorted me on a couple of invoices that we agreed upon pricing. Do your self a favor and try to build a solid customer base on service and give discounts to customers who have earned it.

    Just keep combing the neighborhoods and turning over every stone you can find. Try to differentiate your marketing from what everyone else is doing. This is something you will have to try and fail at to get right.

    It is always the right time to advertise. Don't not do it now becasue you may be to late for a few peolpe, you'll be early for others. Just get your name out there.
  6. DuallyVette

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    As I sit here thinking about the DISCOUNT COUPON theory, I KNOW that it makes your phone ring. There is an advertising company that makes up packets of postcard size ads and sends them out in bulk, yours mixed with everyone else's. "ValPac" recommends discount coupons.

    I can't imagine hireing a lawn service or maid service, agreeing on a fair price, and expecting or wanting a discount. I have a housekeeper that comes in once a week. I look forward to coming home to a clean house on Thursdays. When the price of gas goes up, I give her a raise. At Christmas, a weeks pay. If I have a houseguest, an extra $20. I appreciate her service.

    I believe that my customers value my service. If they request some extra service, they don't ask the price, They know that I'll bill them a price that they'll warm up to sooner or later.

    As for New customer discounts, by the time I come out to discuss your lawn and its challenges with you, and give you my idea of a fair price, I've already invested $50 worth of my time, I don't WANT to throw you an extra bone.

    A potential customer wanted a small property mowed twice a month. We usually don't do anything except year round maintanance. 10 minute job. I told him $45 per service. He thought $35 should be plenty. I told him for $35, I'd have lunch with him, I'd name the location, and he'd have to pay for lunch. We still did his lawn for 3 summers.

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