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Post your extreme Make over project

BTM Lawn Maintenance L.L.C

LawnSite Senior Member
As many have followed my winter project,here's mine...(not complete) Post one or some of yours....




LawnSite Bronze Member
i have been waiting for so long to see the fished pictures of that walker. You could put that in a show room and get full MSRP out of it, congrats. I wish i had the patience to do that, all in all ,what did that cost you if you dont mind me asking. I found a 48" Lazer Z with all good pumps and a good engine and but everything is awful besides that for 500 dollars. If i spend 1000-2000 fixing i will come out nicely, any more and there is no point, what did this cost you? thanks



LawnSite Fanatic
i dont have any to show, but think you did one great job and should be proud out using this new mower

Kennedy Landscaping

LawnSite Fanatic
El Dorado Kansas
I've just been doing small projects this winter. I think the biggest "makeover" I've done is just redoing my wheel barrow. Other than that I've been doing alot of fabrication work for my trailer.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Wow, that Walker renovation was amazing! I would never have assumed that it used to look anything like the first picture.

Unless you count changing tires on the trailer and washing the truck as a make over project, then I really have nothing to show. :)