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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by sticklelm, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Royal Landscapes

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    Here's Mine, how does it look?

  2. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I'm going to guess possibly your in Port Royal and thus the name. Your business does not exist when I Google you. I would lose the crown since it does not stand out plus it leaves your name off center which looks out of kilter.

    Plus it gives your business an aloof appearance that's a bit cheesy. If your in a town with royal in the name or it's your last name it's not as big of a deal but I would not build on the royal theme with your logo.

    Your also using a text style that is thin and will not stand out as well from a distance and be easy to read. I like the purple text. Bold is good.
  3. Royal Landscapes

    Royal Landscapes LawnSite Member
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    Alright, thanks for the advice
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  4. kube616

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    Thanks for the input, I don't like it because it makes it should like I only doing mowing, just came up with that when I made the logo. I'm not to crazy on your suggestions, anyone else have any??
  5. Hope Landscaping

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  9. grassbutler

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    Just an updated logo

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  10. Shorelandscaper

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    luckily theres not alot going on so heres another version that im probably gonna go with. I chose the black / red / yellow mainly because I like the way it stands out and quite frankly everybody in my region has some form of There is another version with the phone number in white under the landscaping box but cant get it to load. Tried the landscape as opposed to landscaping as suggested but in in my opinion it doesnt look right.


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