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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by srlawn, Jan 3, 2013.

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  2. Nate'sLawnCare

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    The trailer came with it, it's a Carry-On, and that's one of the reasons I bought this model. The box is a handy place for trimmer line, small gas cans, straps, 2-stroke oil, etc.
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    I love my NNT. Its been great to me so far.The only place that might know something is a dealer in rhode island that I bought mine from. I can find the title with the name of the dealer if you want. Just give me a PM and I will find it for you.

    And I put 4 self tapping metal screws through the bottom of the box and into the frame. The box was great till I jackknifed it
  4. GreenHammer

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    The toro z 355 is a good bagger/mulcher. I had the opportunity to demo a walker diesel for about a month and really liked the quality of cut/bagging but it couldn't handle the terrain. Kept getting stuck and no hill stability. The toro is a baby beast of sorts. Plenty of power, bags just as good as walker, can operate with one hand, and hill stability like a mo'fo. Awesome mulcher. Just bolt in the mulch plug take the tension of the blower pulley and your mulch'in. Scag made a very similar mower. I had my choice between a walker and a toro. Toro hands down for me.
  5. qualitylawnpro

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    i just sold a 355 always had walkers bought this toro low hrs from homeowner loved the way it rode and drove but was dissapointed with the cut and suction was terrible . did a few things to correct it but no luck! i wish it would have worked out i really liked the mower.
  6. GreenHammer

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    I have found the cut to be better than good and the suction is something you have to watch. I make sure my belt is in good shape, the bagging baffles are in and the impeller is cleaned out regularly. I have taken the impeller all the way out. Then wire wheeled and coated the housing with POR 15. I have also ground all the nicks and burs off the impeller blades. The hopper really gets packed.

    clean ups 2011 175.jpg
  7. brandoncuts54

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    My set up for the big lawns and one of the ones we cut that day.

    Picture 19.png

    Picture 20.png
  8. a clear difference lawn

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    I have to stay small because I live in a townhome, but my setup still works really well for me.

  9. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    What your doing must be working with 84 accounts, but you could always rent a shop/garage or rent a large storage unit.

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    I live 2 mins from Tool shed and they sell a ton of them. He cant keep them in stock. He offers a full 1 year warrenty on everything. I bought a 6.5x12 2 years ago with the mesh high sides and only paid $900. Over the winter he has awesome deals. I think they are made in the carlisle area.

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