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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Lite4, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Lite4

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    Here are a few photos I took last night. I completed this project almost 2 years ago but never got back to get decent photos (I think we can all relate to that). I am hoping I can up load a few of the panoramas I took, but it's doubtful if I can. Sorry for the poor quality. Lawnsites photo importer pixelates the photos to death.


    Front walk.jpg


    back steps.jpg
  2. Lite4

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    The back waterfall

  3. Lite4

    Lite4 LawnSite Gold Member
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    few more of the front entry and walkway


  4. starry night

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    OK, I can't hold a pixel to Tim's latest photos but here are a couple of my first attempts at photographing my own work. The first photo of the cherub is downlighted with a Cast LED treelight at 30' high. The other photo has the miniature bridge with a Cast LED Savannah as a "street light" and foreground plantings lighted by another treelight.

    These were taken with a refurbished Nikon D3100 that I just bought.
    I have referred to Steve Parrott's recommendations but I'm having some trouble with focus. He suggested using Live View, a feature of this camera but not using autofocus. But with Live View the scene is too dark to manually focus. I used Auto Focus for these.


  5. Lite4

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    Nice job Phil. I really like the photo of the bridge. It draws your eye back into the depths of the scene.

    There are a few ways you can help the camera focus. 1. You can use a focusing card (black and white with concentric designs for your camera to focus on- it will need to be light enough for the camera to recognize. 2. Once your camera and tripod are set, I manually zoom in as far as I can at a mid point or focal point in the lighting scene. I then manually focus through the view finder and then back the zoom off and compose the frame. (I do not put it on automatic focus once set for that location.) If you change the aperature setting (f/stop), you will have to re-focus. I just bought a D7000 that has a dedicated mirror-up function and am also using a cable release cord. If you do not have an option for a cable release, set your timer for 10 seconds and this will help with the clarity of the shots you are taking. Shoot in manual mode and set your ISO to 100. This will make your shots less grainy. I always shoot in digital RAW, this will help you if you need to tweek anything in post using photoshop or other RAW converter plug-in.

    Keep up the good work- Looks good Phil.
  6. starry night

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    Well, I am doing all of that but I still wonder why I can't see more with the LiveView feature (through the monitor screen). It is so dark that I can't see enough to focus manually. I wonder if some other setting is affecting that feature. Guess I will be calling Nikon.

    I realize the cherub photo is not that great but I tweaked the color temp a little to make it look more like nighttime as it should.

  7. Lite4

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    Refer to your manual. Sounds like you need to adjust the brightness of your LCD monitor on the back of your camera. You should easily be able to do that in your camera's menu.
  8. Lite4

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    I had to solicit the help of my son to get this job done. The back column on this project was completely surrounded by hardscape and a very, very short deck. He had to belly crawl under the deck rafters to grab the cable from the column, killing spiders all the way. An easy $20 for him and a job complete for me. I told him to stop growing so he can continue to wiggle into tight places for me. He said "No Way"

    Column lights.jpg

    Columns and transformer_0485.jpg

    El Heffe copy.jpg
  9. Irrigation Contractor

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    Very nice work!!
  10. ducnut

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    My first time into the lighting section. The other half definitely live differently than me. :laugh:

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