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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Lite4, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. The Lighting Geek

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    Here is part of a project where we just finished the first phase. One area of the project is what the customer calls the Beer Garden. It's just that, a place in the middle of the backyard (3 acres) where they go down have a beer now and then. Since this area can be 3-4' underwater every year because it is next to a river and the house is 10' higher than the landscape, it presented some challenges. I decided to use only down lights. We may come back for the next phase and add some up lights from within the canopy.

    beer garden.jpg
  2. Spilllight

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    Fun challenge....done with about 50 meters....

    photo 1.jpg

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 3 (2).jpg

    photo 4 (2).jpg
  3. Lite4

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    Cool effect. I like how you silhouetted the iron grates. Did you use waterproof LED strips for those I'm assuming?
    I also like how it visually leads your eye through the center court to the water feature against the wall. Interesting and modern looking water feature. If you place your lights directly under the water sheet you will get a good deal more shimmer from your water. The aeration from the dropping, tumbling water will reduce any incidence of glare if they are an open face fixture. Just FYI for something to experiment with on your next one.

    Nice job- Thanks for sharing!
  4. Mark B

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    The drain is awesome. I will use that one if I ever have the chance.
  5. Legacy LMG

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    Haven't shared anything this year, so I thought I would share a 296 fixture residential installation we completed in Cumming, GA recently.

    Our firm completed the entire design/build of this project, from the pool and spa with glass railings, complete landscape package, all hardscapes, soccer field, as well as the LED lighting package.

  6. Lite4

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    Thats pretty wild looking. Interesting vantage point for photo- deck or roof? I can't tell exactly if you used a fisheye lens for the photo or not-some distortion. Cool photo nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Legacy LMG

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    Thanks so much! This was from one of the deck vantage points. I'll have to post a few more from this project soon. It was a really fun project to design.
  8. BrandonV

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    First off love the grate from above!

    Here is a set of the lights from the waterfall we just finished tonight. Imagine the red mud as turf one day... The waterfall is a community's entrance monument it's real far off the road for now because the road is soon to be widened by two lanes. The "big" fall as seen is 8' tall if you want something to scale it too.

  9. Lite4

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    This thread hasn't been refreshed in a while. Sorry if the picture quality isn't the best. Lawnsite really needs to get with the times on updating their photo manager so that we can actually upload photos without having to reduce the size so much they are pixelated to death.

    This project is from an LED lamp upgrade. The existing halogen system was a mess. About 20 fixtures or so, all in the wrong places. I tore out the wiring, added new sockets in fixtures as needed, rewired correctly and replaced the old halogen lamps with LED lamps. Pretty simple re-wire, but a huge difference from what they had before. The fixtures were just kichler and vista aluminum fixtures, but still in good enough shape to clean and re-use again. Sometimes you don't always have to tear out a system that has workable parts. If your client is more budget sensitive, consider re-tasking what they have.

    House-left side-marked.jpg

  10. Irrigation Contractor

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    What fixtures did you use to light the field of dreams? Are they line voltage or low voltage?

    By the way, project looks excellent!!

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